Boston Bulldogs

First Game Played October 6, 1929 Last Game Played November 24, 1929

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1929: Playing at Braves Field, the Boston Bulldogs after relocating from Pottsville would see a return of some of the players who had departed in the final two season as Dick Rauch also returned to lead the team. After losing their first game on the road against the Orange Tornadoes 7-0 on October 6th. A week later in their first home game, the Bulldogs would earn their first win a 41-0 shutout against the Dayton Triangles. Following a home loss to the Tornadoes the Bulldogs returned to play two games in Pottsville beating the Buffalo Bisons 14-6 and finally beating the Orange Tornadoes 6-0. The Bulldogs would go on to finish the season with a record 4-4, losing their final game to the Providence Steam Roller 20-6 on November 24th. Following the season the Boston Bulldogs would fold, as they were unable to keep from losing money. Boston would get another team just three years later when the Boston Braves who soon became the Boston Redskins were formed. After the Redskins moved to Washington a new Boston team called the Yanks would attempt to get a foothold in Boston, but professional football remained a tough sell in New England until the Boston Patriots came along in 1960.

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