Toledo Maroons

First Game Played October 1, 1922 Last Game Played Novermber 29, 1923

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1902-1921: Professional football in Toledo dates back to 1902, when the Toledo Athletic Association was formed, with a group of teenagers playing semi-pro football games. The Toledo Athletic Association was largely a farm team for other teams in Ohio. As the teenagers grew into adults, the Toledo Athletic Association decided to step up and join the Ohio League, becoming the Toledo Maroons for their colored jerseys in 1906. The Ohio League would become one of the best professional leagues, with teams like the Dayton Triangles, Akron Indians, Canton Bulldogs and Columbus Panhandles being among the charter franchises in the American Professional Football Association in 1920. The Toledo Maroons declined an opportunity to join the new league and chose to remain independent.

1922: The APFA becomes the National Football League, with the Toledo Maroons being among four to join the league. The Maroons got off to a strong start in the NFL, beating the Evansville Crimson Giants in their first game 15-0 on October 1st at Swayne Field. Following a 12-12 against the Milwaukee Badgers, the Maroons would win three straight outscoring the Hammond Pros, Racine Legion and Louisville Brecks by a combined score of 60-0. Following a scoreless tie with the first place Canton Bulldogs, the Maroons kept their unbeaten record intact, by edging the Columbus Panhandles 7-6. However, the Maroons 5-0-2 start was helped out by playing some of the worst teams in the NFL. The Bulldogs were the only team with a winning record that the Toledo Maroons faced in their first seven games. Facing a stiffer test the Maroons would lose their final two games against the Chicago Bears 22-0 and Canton Bulldogs 19-0. The Maroons first NFL season would see them post a record of 5-2-2, finishing in fourth place.

1923: The Maroons continued to play an easy schedule, but were unable to maintain their first season’s success as they rode the path to mediocrity, posting a record of 3-3-2. The Maroons wins all came against the worst teams in the NFL, as Oorang Indians, Dayton Triangles and Rochester Jeffersons combined to win two games. Fan interest as a consequence to the Maroons easy schedule declined. Following a 28-0 loss to the Canton Bulldogs on Thanksgiving on November 29th the NFL ordered the Maroons to either transfer or suspend operations. The Maroons would be purchased by the City of Kenosha, Wisconsin and became the first NFL team to move to a new state.

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