Philadelphia Quakers

First Game Played November 1930 Last Game Played March 21, 1931 Hiatus 1931-1936 Ceased Opperations in 1936

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1930/31: Playing in Philadelphia, the team changes its name to the Philadelphia Quakers amid promises an arena would be built in Philadelphia or Pittsburgh that would rival New York’s Madison Square Garden. With former referee Cooper Smeaton as their coach, the Quakers was made up of a bunch of toughs that preferred to fight rather than play. The ugliest incident involving the Quakers came on Christmas Day when police had to go onto the ice and break up a fight they were having with the Boston Bruins. The Quakers goon squad would put together one of the worst seasons in NHL history as they won just four game son the way to finishing in last place with a horrible 4-36-4 record.

1931-1936: Cash strapped, the Quakers would receive permission from the NHL to temporally cease operations as they sought a permanent arena in either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. The franchise had hoped that they would be able to return to the ice after just one season. However, they would also have to sit out the next four seasons, as The Great Depression was taking a toll on the entire league, getting permission from the NHL Board of Governors to stay on the sidelines at the start of each season. On May 7, 1936, after five seasons on hiatus, the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia franchise would officially fold, as hopes for a new arena in either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh were gone.

1936-1967: The Great Depression would devastate the NHL as four teams were forced to fold, leaving behind just six teams. The NHL would play with six teams for 25 years before deciding to expand in 1967. Philadelphia would get one of these new franchises named the Flyers as the NHL added six teams.

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