Best MLB Parlay Bets

Last updated: June 16, 2023

If you want to create the best MLB parlays for this week’s matches, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through the odds, player, and team parlays and other types of bets that could potentially bring you large payouts. 

Here’s all you need to know about the best MLB parlays this week. 

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Current MLB Best Parlay Odds

DraftKings currently offers some of the best parlays MLB odds:

Bet Types Odds
Dansby Swanson – 1st Plate Appearance – In Play Out +135
Ian Happ – Under 0.5 +120
NY Mets +1.5 run line -135
Moneyline – LA Angels -135
Justin Verlander Strikeouts Under 5.5   -110
ATL Braves Score Last + Win (Yes) +100


Recommended MLB Parlay Bets This Week 

As you can see from the betting types mentioned above, parlay wagers can include numerous options. On that note, we recommend you build parlay bets on the CHI Cubs vs LA Angels and NY Mets vs ATL Braves match:

Parlay Bet Odds Why It’s a Good Idea
1. Patrick Wisdom – Player to Get a Hit -110 Wisdom has 35 hits and 21 extra-base hits this season with a hit percentage of 46.2%.
3. Shohei Ohtani – Player to Hit a Home Run +340 Ohtani hit 16 home runs this season and has 134 career home runs as a hitter.


Parlay Bet Odds Why It’s a Good Idea
1. Spencer Strider strikeouts Over 8.5 -105 Strider throws an average of 13 strikeouts per game.
2. ATL Braves Over 4.5 and ATL Braves Win +115 In their previous 3 games, the Braves have beaten their opponents by more than 5 points, so we expect them to continue their winning streak.


MLB Parlay Bet Analysis

When creating the best MLB parlays on CHI Cubs vs. LA Angels and NY Mets vs. ATL Braves match, we paid attention to many factors. On that note, we believe that in the match between CHI Cubs and LA Angels, Cubs’ baseman Patrick Wisdom will get a hit since his previous records show he did 35 hits and 21 extra-base hits. In fact, his hit rate stands at 46.2%.

At the same time, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Angels’ hitter and pitcher Shohei Ohtani hits a home run. He already has 16 home runs under his belt, and in his match against the Brewers, which the Angels won 3:0, Ohtani did the impossible by hitting a 162-foot high home run.

The ATL Braves are the leaders of the NL East standings with 37 wins, mostly thanks to their pitcher, Spencer Strider, who currently has the most strikeouts in the NL – 113. On that note, he shouldn’t have any problems throwing more than 9 strikeouts against the NY Mets since he throws an average of 13 strikeouts per game. 

At the same time, ATL Braves are expected to win with more than 5 points, considering their previous 3 matches, where they managed to beat their opponents with 7:5, 6:4, and 8:5. 

Best MLB Parlay Bets This Week

This week brings us a lot of exciting matches on which you can build the MLB best parlay bets. What’s best, you can create both player and team parlay bets:

Best MLB Player Parlay Bets This Week 

If you decide to bet on players, here’s what you can do:


Player Parlay Bet Odds Why It’s a Good Bet
Drew Smyly 1. Strikeouts Thrown 6+

2. Hits Allowed +6



So far, Smyly has thrown 57 strikeouts in 12 games, i.e., 6.8 per game. In his last match against Padres, he allowed seven hits.
Chad Wallach 1. Total Bases +1

2. Player to get a hit 



Wallach currently has 27 total bases and 14 hits in 23 matches, which amounts to 2.7 hits per game.
Justin Verlander 1. Walks over 1.5

2. Earned Runs over 3.5



In his previous match, Verlander made 3 walks and 1 earned run, while his earned runs on average stand at 4.25.


Best MLB Team Parlay Bets This Week

If you want to create a parlay bet using team parlays, you can build great parlays on the following teams:


Team Parlay Bet Odds Why It’s a Good Bet
NY Mets and ATL Braves 1. Total Hits Over 15.5

2. Both Teams to Score 3 Runs



Atlanta has an average of 8.76 hits per game, while the Mets score an average of 7.85 per game.
ATL Braves  1. Moneyline

2. Total under 8.5



The Braves have 37 wins so far, while the Mets have 30. In addition to that, Braves score an average of 8.76 hits per game.
LA Angels 1. Moneyline

2. LA Angels Score Last + Win



The Angels have defeated the Cubs in their last 3 head-to-head matches with a margin of 6:2, 7:4, and 8:7. They also have the home-field advantage.

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