Best NBA Parlay Bets

Last updated: June 16, 2023

NBA parlays allow bettors to combine multiple legs into a single bet slip. This way, bettors have cumulative odds value from multiple legs, which can generate bigger payouts with smaller stakes. 

Read on to find out more about the best NBA parlays for this season’s championship finals.

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Current NBA Best Parlay Odds 

There are multiple top online US sportsbooks with long odds allowing players to combine the best parlays NBA has to offer. Caesars, BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel are just a few sportsbooks offering NBA best parlay bets and odds.

Below is a parlay bet with favorable odds, which we’ll further break down into detail:


Parlay bet Combined Parlay Odds
Jokic to record over 9.5 assists  

333 (4.33)

Jokic to score over 29.5 points
Nuggets to win Game 3

Recommended NBA Parlay Bets This Week

Making parlay bets requires a dose of risk. For instance, while the Nuggets are favorites to win Game 3 with -270 odds (FanDuel), players should also consider betting on the Heat money line (+220 at FanDuel).

Some of the best NBA parlays this week also include player odds, such as Jokic to record 65+ rebounds/points/assists in any finals game. This bet is available at FanDuel at +145 odds.

As a third and fourth parlay bet, players can consider is for MIA’s Max Strus to have over 1.5 assists, with average odds of -105, and Michael Porter Jr. to score under 15.5 Points.

Bettors can also add a team bet to the mix, such as the Heat to go over 103.5 points.

NBA Parlay Bet Analysis

We’ve selected some of the best NBA parlays this week ahead of games 3 and 4. Based on season-long and playoff performances, we selected the best NBA parlays for the upcoming matchups:

Moneyline on the Heat

Taking into account the Heat’s performance in the final stages of Game 2, bettors should erase all doubts about the team’s offensive capabilities, albeit underperforming defensively in the first two games.

Furthermore, the Heat lost a single game (Game 6) in the Eastern Conference finals and the first game in the NBA championship finals, only to make a stunning comeback in Game 2.

The home field and recent upset from Game 2 are sure to boost the team’s morale and remind them why they are three-time NBA champions.

The Heat to Score Over 103 Points

In Game 1 of the finals, the Heat performed poorly for their standards offensive-wise, scoring just 93 points. However, in Game 2, the Heat performed considerably better, particularly in the 2nd half, making a stunning comeback to win the game 111-108.

While the win margin is slim, the Heat’s late-game offensive play paid off, and it is expected the team to top 103 points in Game 3.

Max Strus Over 1.5 Assists

The Heat’s point guard Max Strus is not known for his passing abilities but has already recorded 3 assists in Game 1 and 6 assists in Game 2 of the finals. With Game 3 approaching, oddsmakers offer pretty decent odds for Strus to cover his assist spread, which should go over 1.5 assists.

Michael Porter Jr. Under 14.5 Points

In Game 1, the Nuggets’ small forward scored 14 points, only to drop to just 5 points in Game 2. Betting on Porter Jr. to score fewer than 14 points in Game 3 sounds like a risky bet, but the predictions, odds, and his form tell a different story.

Jokic Over 28.5 Points

Nikola Jokic scored 27 points in Game 1, only to bring that number to 41 with a stellar performance in Game 2. The Nuggets center averages 30.4 points in the NBA playoffs and 34 points in the finals so far, meaning the odds for him scoring over 28.5 points in Game 3, while low, will still augment your potential parlay payout.

Best NBA Parlay Bets This Week 

The best NBA parlay bets are offered at top sportsbooks days in advance of the upcoming games. The table below shows some of the best NBA parlays this week, as well as why we made our picks:

Best NBA Player Parlay Bets This Week

Best NBA Player Parlay Bets
Bet Odds Reason
Max Strus over 1.5 assists -105 For a player who has made 3 assists in G1 and 6 assists in G2, the odds for making over 1.5 assists in the upcoming game are better than good
Jokic over 28.5 points -109 The Nuggets center has averaged over 30 points per game in the playoffs and finals
Michael Porter Jr. Under 14.5 points -120 M. Porter Jr. has 19 points in the first 2 games of the finals, scoring just 5 points in G2.

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