Best NBA Player Prop Bets

Last updated: June 16, 2023

The NBA finals are unlike any other major sports final tournament, providing fans with countless viewing pleasures and betting opportunities. If you know your players and have a knack for predicting their performance in specific domains, such as the number of assists, rebounds, or points, we’ve collected the best NBA props bets for you to explore.

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Current NBA Player Props Bet Odds


As all passionate NBA fans are aware, Games 3 and 4 of the NBA 2023 finals are likely to be the most exciting of the bunch so far.

The first three games provided viewers with the necessary information about team and player performances on which they can build their prop bets for the remaining games. That said, we created this table below to give interested bettors a brief list of some of the best NBA props bets this week. 

Best Prop Bets NBA
Player Prop bet Odds Sportsbook
Aaron Gordon Over 11.5 points +105 FanDuel 
Nikola Jokic  Over 1.5 threes +148 DraftKings 
Bam Adebayo Under 3.5 assists +100 DraftKings 
Jamal Murray Over 5.5 rebounds +108 FanDuel

Recommended NBA Player Prop Bets This Week


Although player props can include highly specific bets such as the number of dunks, method of first basket, or away team 1st quarter points, we decided to go for more conventional options.

Our picks come from comparing NBA prop odds from leading sportsbooks like FanDuel and BetMGM, among others, then selecting the top NBA prop bet, focusing primarily on player props. Alongside the odds for specific bets, we also added explainers why we made exactly those picks.

Our top 4 selections of best prop bets NBA include the following:

Recommended Prop Bets
Player Prop Bets Odds Sportsbook
Nikola Jokic Over 31.5 points -128 FanDuel
Gabe Vincent  Over 2.5 threes +100 FanDuel
Jimmy Butler Under 23.5 points -138 FanDuel
Jamal Murray Over 10+ assists +1900 FanDuel

NBA Player Props Bet Analysis


The sections below will provide a brief explanation of why we believe these are the best prop bets NBA bettors should consider.

Jokic to Score Over 31.5 Points

It’s almost a no-brainer to bet on Jokic to score over 31.5 points, but the Serbian has shown inconsistencies in his scoring record and has averaged 24.5 points overall in 2023. His average contribution in the 3 final games so far is 33.3 points.

Gabe Vincent Over 2.5 Threes

Betting on Gabe Vincent to score over 2.5 three-pointers in the upcoming Game 4 seems like a surefire bet. The Heat’s shooting guard averages 3.3 three-pointers in the 2023 NBA finals, scoring 5 in Game 1, 4 in Game 2, but only 1.5 in Game 3. 

Jimmy Butler to Score Over 23.5 Points

The Heat’s small forward has so far in the 2023 finals contributed 20.7 points per game. In Game 3, Butler brought his A game, scoring 28 points, showcasing considerable improvement in his offensive play compared to Game 1, when he scored 13 points, and Game 2, when he recorded 21 points.

Jamal Murray Over 10+ Assists

One of the top bets in this category is for Jamal Murray to record over 10+ assists. Considering the Nuggets’ shooting guard averages 10 assists per game, the odds for him recording over that number collectively are higher than expected.

Key Prop Bets Categories


While online bookies provide ample NBA team props, bettors will find the choice of player props even broader. Here are our top picks for the best NBA props bets this week when it comes to players.

Best NBA Player Prop Bets This Week

Top 3 NBA Finals Player Props
Player Bet Odds Reason Sportsbook
Gabe Vincent & Michael Porter Jr.  25+ Combined Pts +115 While Michael Porter Jr. struggled in Game 3, scoring just 2 points, Vincent scored a total of 42 points in the first 2 games, but only 7 in Game 3 DraftKings
Jimmy Butler  Over 6.5 assists +105 Butler averages 6.7 assists per game in the 2023 finals, though the bet is still a narrow call DraftKings
Gabe Vincent  Over 12.5 points -125 Although G. Vincent had only 7 points in Game 3, his average in the NBA finals is 16.3, scoring 23 points in Game 2, and 19 in Game 1 DraftKings

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