Best NFL Parlay Bets

Last updated: June 16, 2023

Although the NFL 2022/23 season has come to a close, the 2023/24 season is on the way. US sportsbooks are already releasing odds for futures markets and regular season games ahead of the beginning of the season in early September.

After the NBA, the NFL is arguably the most convenient sport for combining bets into a parlay. Interested players can start composing parlays while the odds are still hot, and we’ve selected a few of the best NFL parlays for the upcoming season.

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Current NFL Best Parlay Odds 


Betting sites like DraftKings, BetMGM, and FanDuel, among others, already offer a wide selection of odds for futures markets, regular season games, and special markets. We’ve selected a mix of the best parlays NFL betting sites currently offer.

Parlay Bet Odds Sportsbook Combined parlay odds total
Leg 1. Browns to cover the spread -110 BetMGM +596
Leg 2. Bears to cover the spread (-2.5) -110 BetMGM
Leg 3. Titans vs. Saints under 42.5 -110 BetMGM


Parlay Bet Odds Sportsbook Combined Parlay odds total
Leg 1. Jaguars vs. Colts under 43.5 -110 BetMGM +581
Leg 2. Texans vs. Ravens Totals, under 44.5 -110 BetMGM
Leg 3. Buccaneers vs. Vikings against the spread -115 BetMGM

Recommended NFL Parlay Bets This Week


The off-season choice of betting markets is, expectedly, limited, but we still managed to dig out a few good betting options. In the table, bettors will see our picks for NFL best parlay bets ahead of the beginning of the season. 

Note that some bet types, such as futures or specials, cannot be combined into a parlay ticket. Also, these are the best NFL parlays this week, meaning the odds for each selection can change as the season approaches.


Match Recommended bet Odds Sportsbook Combined parlay odds
Leg 1. Bengals vs. Browns Moneyline on the Browns +115 BetMGM +1430
Panthers vs. Falcons Totals under 43.5 -110 BetMGM
Leg 2. 49ers vs. Steelers 49ers to cover the spread (-3) -110 BetMGM
Leg 3. Eagles vs. Patriots Totals, over 46.5 -105 BetMGM

NFL Parlay Bet Analysis


We will now explain why we decided to recommend the aforementioned selections for a parlay combination.

Moneyline on The Browns

While the Cincinnati Bengals are, for the third straight year, favorites to win their division, the Browns will enter the new season technically superior compared to last season. Also, the Bengals’ star quarterback Joe Burrow has not seen his best performances against the Browns. And though the Bengals are the favorite, the Browns could start the season with a not-so-unexpected upset.

Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons – Totals Under 43.5

Last season, the Panthers averaged 20.4 points a game, while their opponents in the first game of the upcoming season, the Atlanta Falcons, averaged 21.5 points per game. The current odds for under 43.5 points total is identical to those for over that number, but the teams’ record indicates the game will finish under 43.5.

49ers to Cover the Spread

The 49ers are strong favorites against the Steelers in their first game of the season. BetMGM offers solid odds for the 49ers to cover a -3 spread and beat the Steelers by more than 4 points.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New England Patriots – Totals Over 46.5

Last season, the Eagles were one of the top-scoring teams in the NFL, averaging 28.1 points per game and 30 points per game in away games. Their opponents in the first game of the upcoming season, the Patriots, were one of the lower-scoring sides, averaging 21.4 points and 19.5 points per game at home. 


BetMGM sets the total points for this matchup at 46.5 and provides relatively high odds for an outcome that is not improbable, at worst, and more than likely at best.

Best NFL Parlay Bets This Week 


Even though we are months away from next season’s NFL, BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, and other leading sportsbooks already offer odds for upcoming matchups, including the ability to combine multiple bets into a parlay. Below we offer our top 3 selections to start your NFL betting on a stable footing.

Best NFL Team Parlay Bets This Week

Best NFL team parlay bets
Bet Odds Reason Combined parlay odds
Leg 1. Buccaneers vs. Vikings, under 45.5 -110 The Buccaneers averaged 15.7 points in away games, while their opponents, the Vikings, averaged 26.7 points in home games last season, indicating the final result won’t go over 45 points. +501
Leg 2. Panthers vs. Falcons – moneyline on the Falcons -154 The Falcons and the Panthers averaged less than 21.5 and 20.4 points per game last season, respectively.
Leg 3. Cardinals vs. Commanders, under 40.5  -110 The Cardinals and the Commanders struggled with offensive play last season away and at home, averaging about 38 points combined when playing away and at home, respectively.

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