Best NHL Player Prop Bets

Last updated: June 16, 2023

Prop bets are an excellent way to bet when you’re unsure of the final outcome, as these bets don’t influence the final results of the game. This week, we’re looking at the best NHL prop bets for players ahead of the 3rd game of the Stanley Cup final. 

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Current NHL Player Props Bet Odds 


DraftKings has an entire section dedicated to Series Player Props. From there, we find and single out the best odds for placing an NHL player prop bet. 


Player Bet Odds
Jonathan Marchessault Most Goals in Series -130
Matthew Tkachuk Most Goals in Series +500
Jack Eichel Most Points in Series +110
Jonathan Marchessault Most Points in Series +400
Jack Eichel Most Assists in Series -130
Chandler Stephenson Most Assists in Series +350

Recommended NHL Player Props Bets This Week


DraftKings Sportsbook offers odds for props bets for nearly every player. The options and numbers might seem overwhelming, so we singled out the 3 best player prop bets NHL enthusiasts can make use of. 


Player Prop Bet Odds Why It’s a Good Idea to Bet
Aaron Ekblad: Over 0.5 Power Points +480 Ekblad has 3 Power Play Points so far in the playoff, so he’s likely to score at least one more.
Nick Cousins: Over 0.5 Assists +310 During the postseason, Cousins recorded 4 assists, and he needs to make just half a point for the bet to be valid.
Aleksander Barkov: Under 0.5 Points +155 So far, Barkov has 0 points in the finals, so he’s likely to continue on this streak.

NHL Player Props Bet Analysis 


Eckblad is a defensive player for the Florida Panthers; during the Stanley Cup Finals against the Vegas Golden Knights has 3 Power Play points – 1 goal and two assists. The upcoming game should be no exception, and we expect Eckblad to appear with either a Power Play goal or assist and get another point. 


As a center for the VGK, Cousins gets plenty of chances to assist other players; during the regular season, he managed 18 assists and 4 during the postseason, but he has yet to assist in the final. The upcoming game is the perfect opportunity for Cousins to record his first assist in the final. 


Barkov still hasn’t scored any points for the Panthers during the finals, but he has 7 for the postseason. It’s still possible that he might score, but it’s more likely for him to continue on his no-score streak, seeing as his stats for the past two games are unremarkable, although he spent 10+ minutes on the ice per game. 

Key Prop Bets Categories


Players are usually the most popular choice for prop bets, but there are other possibilities for placing a prop bet. In the following sections, we look at the best NHL prop bets this week — other than player prop bets. 

Best NHL Game Prop Bets This Week

This week, we’re looking ahead to game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals, so we’re going to take a look at some of the best prop bets NHL that you can place on this upcoming game. 


Prop Bet Odds Why It’s a Good Bet
FLA Panthers Are the Series Winner +400 The Golden Knights are the favorites, but the Panthers still have a chance at winning the series.
VGK Golden Knights Win the Series 4-2 +400 The VGK can still win the series as favorites, but the Panthers will definitely resist and snatch at least two victories.
Total Goals Odd (Excl OT) +105 The last two games ended with an odd number of goals (5-2;7-2), and although this is completely arbitrary, the streak might continue, and the odds are good.


Best NHL Player Prop Bets This Week

So far, we’ve covered our top 3 picks for this week as well as some game prop bets, but there’s more than one NHL prop bet to be placed on the players. The table below features some additional player prop bets. 


Prop Bet Odds Why It’s a Good Bet
William Karlsson: Anytime Scorer +245 Karlsson scored 10 goals in the postseason, and although he hasn’t yet scored in the final, he’s likely to get a goal in the upcoming game.
Alex Pietrangelo: Over 0.5 Power Play Points +510 Pietrangelo has 3 Power Play points in the postseason but none in the finals yet, so the upcoming game is the perfect chance for him to have a Power Play goal or assist.
Shea Theodore: Under 1.5 Blocked Shots +150 Theodore blocked 1.56 per game on average this season, but only once in the Finals so far, so this is a likely outcome.

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