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Last updated: June 16, 2023

A third of the Formula 1 2023 season is behind us, and it’s not shaping up to be an equal battle. Max Verstappen is emerging as an unstoppable favorite with 170 points, 53 more than his Red Bull Racing Honda teammate Sergio Perez. The next showdown is on the 18th of June in Canada, and sportsbooks are rolling out odds for the Best F1 bets. 


Take a look at our picks and the reasoning behind these choices.

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Current F1 Best Bet Odds 

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The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal will host the Canadian Grand Prix for the 42nd time. Not surprisingly, most veteran drivers have accumulated experience navigating this legendary circuit. 


Apart from Moneyline bets on the duels between the drivers in Montreal, sportsbooks are offering prop bets on the constructor’s championship winner. Let’s identify the best F1 bets this week:


Race Line Winner at F1 Canada GP 2023 Odds Bookmaker
Max Verstappen -320 DraftKings
Sergio Perez +400 DraftKings
Lewis Hamilton +1400 DraftKings


Constructors Championship Winner Odds Bookmaker
Red Bull Racing  -10000 DraftKings
Mercedes +6500 DraftKings
Aston Martin  +13000 DraftKings


Although bookmakers favor Max Verstappen, previous success is no guarantee for the high podium spot in an upcoming race. However, in the constructors’ race, Red Bull has more or less clinched the titles, bar any huge string of disasters.

Recommended F1 Best Bets This Week

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With seven races behind us in the 2023 season, we are getting a more clear perspective of the capabilities of each team and the form of drivers. Formulating the best F1 bets this week is a balance of current trends and previous records on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Our recommendation is:


  • Lewis Hamilton – Moneyline bet to win the Canadian Grand Prix


The British driver might be trailing in the leaderboard but has demonstrated he still has the skill to climb the podium and stay in the championship conversation. 

F1 Best Bet Analysis 

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After a disappointing 2022 campaign, Lewis Hamilton was eager to give new credence to his illustrious career. In the first seven races of this season, the Brit had two visits to the podium, with the second arriving at the start of June in Spain, where he ended the race as a runner-up. His Mercedes is indeed lacking the horsepower of Verstappen’s Red Bull, but any driver could triumph on any circuit. 


So far, Hamilton has shown he’s still a top driver, and with seven wins in Canada throughout his career, Lewis is extra motivated to secure his eighth triumph. This would make him the driver with the most wins in Montreal, overtaking Michael Schumacher, with whom he shares the record at the moment.

Best F1 Bets This Week 

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The Canadian Grand Prix is always a thrilling race, and the 16th of June offers some of the best bets F1 this season. Check out the race lines and how the constructor’s championship race is shaping up.

Best F1 Player Bets This Week

Picking F1 best bets seems like a no-brainer after seven convincing races in the 2023 season. The favorites are justifying their status, but nothing is final.


Race Winner Canada Grand Prix Odds Bookmaker Reason
Max Verstappen -320 DraftKings Verstappen has 5 wins this season and a superior car. He has not missed the podium in 7 races.
Sergio Perez +400 DraftKings Sergio drives a powerful Red Bull Honda engine which secured him two wins this season.
Lewis Hamilton +1400 DraftKings The most experienced driver with a car that has shown it can keep pace with Red Bull 


Best F1 Team Bets This Week

The Red Bull Racing Honda team has nailed the car design and the speed shows. However, the season is long, and other teams have time to catch up.


Constructors Championship Winner Odds Bookmaker Reason
Red Bull Racing  -10000 DraftKings Red Bull drivers have dominated with 11 podium visits in 8 races.
Mercedes +6500 DraftKings Mercedes drivers are 4th and 5th, meaning the German brand is on Red Bull’s tail, and maybe it can improve its performance in the upcoming 14 races 
Aston Martin  +13000 DraftKings Aston Martin has the third-best car, and tune-ups are making them more competitive. 

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