Best F1 Odds

Last updated: June 16, 2023

F1 is the king of motorsports, and the 2023 season is justifying that reputation, drawing in legions of fans to dozens of racing circuits. So far, we witnessed seven Grand Prix races, and the favorites are staying at the top. The Canadian Grand Prix is next on the schedule for the weekend of 16th to 18th June, and we have the best F1 odds for the exciting showdown at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

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Current F1 Odds 

The 2023 season is shaping to be an uneven matchup, with Red Bull Racing Honda drivers regularly climbing the podium. However, we are only a third of the season through, and things can start to get more interesting, especially as veteran drivers get into their groove. Sportsbooks are following the excitement—it’s time to see which F1 odds this week deserve your attention.


Race Line Winner at F1 Canada GP 2023 Odds Bookmaker
Max Verstappen -330 DraftKings
Sergio Perez +400 DraftKings
Lewis Hamilton +1400 DraftKings


F1 World Championship Winner 2023 Odds Bookmaker
Max Verstappen -6000 DraftKings
Sergio Perez +4000 DraftKings
Lewis Hamilton +5000 DraftKings


As it’s obvious, the odds favor the Dutch-Belgian driver by a high margin in both the upcoming race and the championship.

Recommended F1 Bets This Week

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Max Verstappen has not missed the podium in seven races. If the Italian Grand Prix was not canceled due to flooding, his lead this season might have been even stronger. Verstappen crossing the finish line at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve seems like a sure bet. Our recommendation is:


  • Max Verstappen  – Moneyline bet to win the Canadian Grand Prix


The Dutch-Belgian driver is also ranking high in the F1 title odds category. Although an outcome of a race is a separate story, in the long haul, Max will probably meet expectations.   

F1 Odds Analysis 

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The Dutchman has 5 wins this season out of 7 races and 2 second-place finishes. Last year Max took first place in Montreal, with Lewis Hamilton coming in third. Looking at this season’s performance, Hamilton is the only one who can rival Max in Canada. 

However, the Dutchman is driving a faster car and is coming off a win at the Spanish Grand Prix. Verstappen is on the heels of a historically dominant F1 season, and that incredible pace is retained this season.

Ongoing F1 Odds Updated This Week 

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The F1 season is shifting to Canada. The Grand Prix race scheduled for the 18th of June promises the best F1 odds and inaugurates a new chapter in the championship race. Let’s examine the betting lines and how the constructor teams are ranking.

F1 Title Winning Odds This Week

F1 World Championship Winner 2023 Odds Bookmaker Reason
Max Verstappen -6000 DraftKings Verstappen is an unstoppable force, coming off a dominant 2022 season. He is currently leading the season with 53 points more than the second-best driver 
Sergio Perez +4000 DraftKings Driving a Red Bull Racing Honda car gives him an edge in the championship, and his two seasons make him a contender
Lewis Hamilton +5000 DraftKings With 7 Championships to his name and a Mercedes car, Hamilton is a dark horse to win the 2023 season


The debate about the best F1 Constructor odds is becoming one-sided. However, there are a lot of races remaining on the calendar, and trailing teams have the time to make up the difference.


F1 Constructors Championship 2023 Odds Bookmaker Reason
Red Bull Racing  -10000 DraftKings Red Bull is on track to repeat with a high-performing engine and a talented  duo of drivers 
Mercedes +6500 DraftKings Mercedes is known for efficiency, and this season, its car is helping Hamilton secure podium visits 
Aston Martin  +13000 DraftKings Aston Martin is trailing behind Red Bull, but in the next two-thirds of the season, it can additionally improve the performance of an already reliable car

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