Best EPL Bets

Last updated: June 16, 2023

The English Premier League is one of the most popular soccer leagues in the world. With numerous matches per season, there are many betting options for interested bettors. All bookies have a list of the best EPL bets, but we’ve extracted the best EPL bets this week to ease the search for you!

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Current EPL Best Bet Odds 

Considering the 2022/23 EPL season finished just last weekend, it is too early to discuss the betting odds for the next season. The only thing you can currently bet on is futures, so here are some of the best EPL bets on the Big 6 with the betting odds offered at DraftKings:

Teams  Winner Odds To Finish Top 4 To Finish Top 10 To Finish Bottom 10  To Be Relegated
Man City -156 -2000 / +5000 +50000
Liverpool +700 -150 -5000 +1600 +50000
Arsenal +700 -150 -10000 +2500 +50000
Man Utd +1000 -125 -5000 +2000 +50000
Chelsea +1600 +150 -1600 +800 +20000
Tottenham +6000 +300 -700 +450 +10000

Recommended EPL Best Bets This Week

As we get closer to the start of the new 2023/24 EPL season, there will be more best bets EPL offered at online bookmakers. At this point, we do not recommend making any big bets as we have yet to see how teams structure their rosters, rebuild their teams, train and prepare for the season, etc.

Nonetheless, you can make some small bets. One of the EPL best bets available this week is a future bet on the team that will finish on top of the league—and Manchester City is undoubtedly the favorite to do that.

EPL Best Bet Analysis 

Manchester City did not finish the 2022/23 season as an unbeaten team. They did suffer a few losses and ended a few games in a draw, but they still managed to clinch the title. As three-time consecutive title winners, they have been and will surely remain the team to beat in the next EPL season.

The good thing about Man City is that they have a star-studded roster with some of the best players in the league. They have not had many injuries over the years, so they always have put forward the best players. This makes them a sure bet for interested bettors, as they always have the odds in their favor. 

If you want to bet on Manchester City to win a game next season, the only time you need to be more careful is when they go up against a team from the Big 6—Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool, or Chelsea. All of these teams have finished on top of the league over the past several seasons and are always strong contenders for the title.

Best EPL Bets This Week 

The best and only EPL bets currently available are future bets on the teams most likely to finish first, toward the top of the chart, or those most likely to be relegated. That said, we’ve listed some of the best EPL bets this week regarding players and teams. 

Best EPL Player Bets This Week

Oddsmakers are yet to make their predictions on the EPL MVP for 2023/24. However, based on the performance last season, there are a few likely candidates.


MV Candidates Reasons
Erling Haaland He helped his team clinch the title by scoring 36 goals while also being the top goalscorer in the league for the season
Kieran Trippier Kieran Trippier was named the best Defender of the 2023/23 season
Harry Kane Harry Kane finished with the second-most goals in the 2022/23 season

Best EPL Team Bets This Week

Team Winning Odds Reason
Manchester City -150  Manchester City is a sure bet for everyone looking to make future bets on the best team for the next EPL season
Liverpool +700 Liverpool might have started the season slow, but they found their rhythm towards the end. With their star-studded roster, they are incredibly likely to make a run for the title
Arsenal +700 Arsenal finished second this season, but there’s no doubt that Mikel Arteta will find a way to lift his team and help it compete for the title again next season

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