Best EPL Parlay Bets 

Last updated: June 16, 2023

The English Premier League (EPL), without a doubt one of the best soccer competitions in the world, wrapped up its season at the end of May, and although the dust from the 2022-24 campaign has not settled, all eyes are focused on the upcoming 2023-24 championship. 

The summer break is a time for a roster tune-up and coaching changes. However, sportsbooks already provide odds for the next champion or who will get relegated. Some of these futures bets offer options for formulating the best EPL parlays.

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Current EPL Best Parlay Odds 

The odds tend to change as the start of the league nears, and new situations influence prediction. Although most sportsbooks do not allow a parlay wager composed of several same-league futures, exceptions exist. Certainly, the odds reflect the team’s ranking.

Team Winner Odds Top 4 Odds Bookmaker
Manchester City -115 -1250 BetRivers
Arsenal +700 -115 BetRivers
Liverpool +800 -150 BetRivers
Manchester United +900 -137 BetRivers
Chelsea +1400 -125 BetRivers

Recommended EPL Parlay Bets This Week

Parlay bets are a great option to combine several promising bets into one betting ticket and maximize the potential payout by multiplying the odds. However, in between EPL seasons, betting options are limited and focus on futures. 

The best EPL parlays this week include a mix of an outright winner and teams expected to make the top 4 ranking in the league. Our recommended parlay includes the following bets:

  • Manchester City – Futures bet on EPL Winner
  • Liverpool – Futures bet Top 4 in EPL 
  • Manchester United – Futures bet Top 4 in EPL
  • Arsenal – Futures bet Top 4 in EPL

Let’s see the arguments in favor of such a combination of bets. 

EPL Parlay Bet Analysis 

Every team in our selection has been gravitating toward the top position in the league over the past decades. Collectively, they have won the title 24 times and been runner-up on 22 occasions since the inception of the Premier League in 1992.

EPL Winner

Our pick for the Premier League winner in the 2023-24 season is not surprising, considering Manchester City has been the undisputed champion for three seasons straight. The team regularly harvests over 80 points in the regal season and can handle contenders without much effort. 

Over the past three seasons, Manchester City has scored, on average, 90 goals and has been effective on the defensive side, allowing only 30 goals. It’s a team brimming with high-caliber footballers, with 18 players regularly called up for various national squads. 

The strategy employed by Manchester City is positional play, the fast movement of players across the field, irrelevant of their natural position in the lineup, in an attempt to create a numerical advantage during offense or defense. 

It’s a tactic most big teams in the Premier League use because they have players with a skill set to achieve such a fast transactional pace. Concentrating multiple players in a given zone creates more passing opportunities to overwhelm defenses.


On the other hand, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United have championship aspirations and are traditionally in the habit of vying for the top 4 positions on the League table. Each of the Arsenal, Manchester United, and Liverpool squads is valued at over $700 million on the transfer market. No other club in the Premier League has the budget to match their player acquisition power. 

The Premier League schedule is well balanced with an equal number of home and away games, and very rarely do several consecutive derby matches occur in a month. This gives teams time to rest and prepare for big challenges. 

Best EPL Parlay Bets This Week 

The best parlays EPL that are available before the 2023-24 season starts are team futures bets, predicting the next title holder and who will rank in the top 4 of the Premier League. This is the best combination of bets at the current disposition of teams for a parlay slip. 

Best EPL Team Parlay Bets This Week

Betting on the underdogs can produce astronomic payout odds. However, we are not about daydreaming, rather aim to offer reliable assessments. Our EPL best parlay bets are presented below.

Type of Bet Odds Bookmaker Reason
Winner – Manchester City -115 BetRivers Won the title three seasons in a row and has the most valued roster.
Top 4 – Liverpool -150 BetRivers Consistently ranks among the top 4 teams in four seasons in a row, winning the title in 2019-20
Top 4 – Manchester United -137 BetRivers The Red Devils are the eternal contender and have the stats to back up their favorite status. 
Top 4 – Arsenal -115 BetRivers It’s a team that lost a step in recent seasons, but owner Stan Kroenke is making moves to climb back to the top. 

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