Best EPL Prop Bets

Last updated: June 16, 2023

The English Premier League (EPL) is hailed as the most exciting soccer competition, and even when on a well-deserved summer hiatus, the buzz is not subsiding. Sportsbooks are eagerly working on betting options for the upcoming 2023-24 season, scheduled to start in August. 


The best EPL props bets revolve around forecasting which clubs will vie for the title and which will lose the fight to survive in the big league.

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Current EPL Props Bet Odds 

Two months before the first kickoff in the 2023-24 Premier League season, bookmakers are preoccupied with offering an EPL prop bet on which team will win the next title, get relegated, or finish in the top 4. Every bookmaker covers this type of prop bet, and the odds are competitive.


Prop Bet Type Bet Odds Bookmaker
EPL Winner Futures on Manchester City -150 DraftKings
EPL Winner Futures on Arsenal  +700 DraftKings
EPL Winner Futures on Liverpool +700 DraftKings
To be Relegated Futures on Luton Town -250 DraftKings
To be Relegated Futures on Sheffield United -150 DraftKings
To be Relegated Futures on Burnley +140 DraftKings

Recommended EPL Props Bets This Week

The EPL 2022-23 is barely on the books, and discussions are ongoing about the upcoming blockbuster trades and which teams are gearing up for a big push to dethrone Manchester City. 


Parallel to that conversation, experts forecast which clubs will end up at the bottom of the league table and get relegated. Judging by the current situation in the league, the best EPL props bets this week are:


  • Manchester City – Futures bet on EPL winner
  • Luton Town – Futures bet on To be Relegated 


Soccer outsiders might be scratching their heads at these prop bets, but diehard fans will find our reason convincing. Let’s take a deep dive and elaborate on why these are the best prop bets EPL offers. 

EPL Props Bet Analysis 

Manchester City is the logical choice for a prop bet on an EPL 2023-24 season winner. The Citizens are Premier League champions three years in a row. It’s a team brimming with high-caliber footballers, with 18 players regularly called up for various national squads. The value of the blue players in the transfer market is estimated to be $1.5 billion. 


However, the quality of the players is not the only factor in the string of triumphs. Manager Pep Guardiola is a tactical genius who emphasizes positional play, creating a fluid transition between attacking formations and defense. 


On the other side of the league, Luton Town secured promotion to the Premier League for the first time in its history. For a team on a shoestring budget and without experienced players, it’s hard to imagine Luton will manage to collect enough points to stay afloat in a league with entrenched teams. Luton is a strong favorite to exit the big show in May 2024.

Key Prop Bets Categories

The choice of the best EPL prop bet for the upcoming 2023-24 season comes down to predicting which team will climb to the top of the league and which will fall to the bottom.

Best EPL Team Prop Bets This Week

Judging by the past three seasons, Manchester City seems like a sure bet. However, brave bettors can take a chance on other teams ready to upset the champion.


EPL Winner  Odds Bookmaker Reason
Manchester City -150 DraftKings Reigning champion helmed by one of the best coaches and with a loaded roster. 
Arsenal  +700 DraftKings Owner Stan Kroenke will probably spend a small fortune this offseason to acquire new players and reinforce an already strong team.
Liverpool +700 DraftKings Manager Jurgen Klopp can motivate his players and harness their strengths on the pitch.


Best EPL Special Prop Bets This Week

Sportsbooks offer compelling prop bets for teams hoping to extend their Premiership residence. The best special prop bets EPL are the following:


To be Relegated Odds Bookmaker Reason
Luton Town -250 DraftKings Luton Town’s story is remarkable, but the team lacks the finances to survive at the top of the English soccer pyramid.
Sheffield United -150 DraftKings As a newly-promoted Premier League team, Sheffield United will fight an uphill battle. Historically Sheffield has not been able to secure a longer tenure in tier one of English soccer. 
Burnley +140 DraftKings The Clarets deservingly entered the Premier League, but Burnley’s squad lacks the experience to match the bigger teams. 

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