7 Best Tennis Betting Sites

Last updated: July 7, 2023

As a tennis enthusiast, I’ve always been intrigued by the world of tennis betting. It’s fascinating to delve into the strategies and nuances that come with betting on this fast-paced sport. The thrill of predicting the outcome of a match, be it a nail-biting five-setter or a swift straight-set win, is unmatched. Tennis betting allows you to engage more deeply with the sport by placing wagers on various aspects of the game, such as match winners, point spreads, and over/unders.

My experience with tennis betting has taught me the importance of using reliable sources to gather information and assess the odds before placing a bet. Platforms like OddsChecker offer valuable insights, hot tips, and bookie offers to help you build successful accumulators. Meanwhile, well-regarded sportsbooks such as DraftKings Sportsbook present a wide range of tennis odds and lines for numerous tournaments, from Grand Slams to ITF events. With the right preparation and a prudent approach, tennis betting can be both entertaining and rewarding.

SportsbookBonus OfferBest FeaturesClaim Bonus
Existing Customer Promo Offers

Existing Customer Promo Offers

  • Very popular and trustworthy sportsbook
  • Competitive odds
  • Prop bets & parlays
  • iOS and Android mobile app
Bet Now
Up to $1,250 Free Bet

Up to $1,250 Free Bet

  • Excellent rewards program
  • Licensed in over 10 states
  • NFL and NBA official partner
  • iOS and Android mobile app
Bet Now
Free $1,000 Bet

Free $1,000 Bet

  • Very popular and trustworthy sportsbook
  • Competitive odds
  • Prop bets & parlays
  • iOS and Android mobile app
Bet Now
2nd Chance Bet up to $250

2nd Chance Bet up to $250

  • Quick, reliable payouts
  • Daily house specials
  • Licensed in over 12 states
  • iOS and Android app
Bet Now
No Sweat First Bet up to $1,000

No Sweat First Bet up to $1,000

  • Licensed in over 12 states
  • Casino, fantasy and facebook also available
  • Odds boosts
  • iOS and Android mobile app
Bet Now
30% Same Game Parlay Profit Boost

30% Same Game Parlay Profit Boost

  • Huge global brand
  • Great parlay selection
  • 24/7 live chat
  • iOS and Android mobile app
Bet Now
Up to $250 Free Bet

Up to $250 Free Bet

  • Wide selection of sports
  • Parlay boosters & early cash outs
  • Safe, trusted betting site
  • iOS and Android mobile app
Bet Now
Bet $100 Get $50 Free Bet

Bet $100 Get $50 Free Bet

  • Online sportsbook + casino
  • Exclusive picks and offers
  • Earn five star rewards
  • iOS and Android mobile app
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Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply.

Top 5 Tennis Betting Platforms Reviewed

In my search for the best tennis betting platforms, I’ve come across these top 5 contenders that offer a great combination of odds, promotions, and user experience.


BetMGM’s coverage of tennis is top-notch! This operator appeals to bettors by offering a reliable sportsbook app and desktop version with competitive odds, numerous betting lines on tennis games and the option to place in-play bets. Although player stats are not offered, you can watch tennis games live through the streaming option.

Bonuses are another valuable characteristic of BetMGM, especially if you have an acquaintance who shares your passion for tennis. In that case, this sportsbook will reward you for successful recruitment with a $50 Refer a Friend Bonus.


  • Legitimate sportsbook
  • Generous welcome bonus
  • Comprehensive sportsbook app 
  • A large number of tennis betting markets


  • Customer service could be better
  • High juice


Caesars ranks as one of the best US sportsbooks, and one foundation of that reputation is the exclusive coverage of tennis. Registered bettors can place parlay bets by combining various tennis games with attractive betting lines. 

Caesars covers special tennis events, such as the playoffs, with dedicated bonuses and competitive odds. Moreover, new users can wager on the regular season tennis matches by taking advantage of the sign-up offer of a 100% match on a first bet up to $1,250, functioning as a safety net for the initial wager.


  • Frequent bonuses and odds boosts
  • VIP club with multiple benefits
  • Allows same-game parlays
  • User-friendly site


  • Slow withdrawals
  • App lags at times


DraftKings is the place to be for tennis fans. The coverage is top-notch, with regular matches and compatible odds. Bettors can create Same Parlay bets or use the slick app for in-play betting. You can enjoy tennis live streaming, making it easier to follow the action in real-time. 

The intuitive design makes using different prop bets, totals, or tennis futures appear seamless. The boost granted by the New Customer match deposit bonus of up to $1,000 applies to tennis, and so do other available promotions.


  • Competitive tennis betting lines
  • Dedicated odds boost for tennis
  • Encryption software
  • Low minimum withdrawal limits


  • Slow withdrawals
  • Higher juice


BetRivers offers extensive tennis coverage with early releases of odds and the option to stream certain games. If a wager on a highly anticipated tennis game is not made ahead of the first whistle of the referees, bettors can place an in-play bet via the slick app or the website version of this emerging sportsbook.

Players preferring to bet on tennis will receive a layer of protection through BetRiver’s welcome offer of a Second Chance Free Bet 100% match up to $500.


  • Coverage of  US and international tennis leagues
  • Live betting on tennis games
  • Dedicated sportsbook app
  • Ongoing tennis odds boost


  • Cluttered website layout 
  • Mandatory KYC check 


FanDuel Sportsbook provides multiple features for a more exciting tennis wagering experience. Apart from the broad coverage of tennis games, bettors receive bonuses, boosted odds, and the option to make in-play bets, together with the standard catalog of conventional bet types. 

The tennis odds offered at this online betting site mirror the betting lines of competing operators. FanDuel is a trustworthy sportsbook with a slick app and eye-catching $1,000 in Bonus Bets available for tennis games. 


  • Excellent range of sports leagues
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Reliable bet builder
  • DFS bets available 


  • No VIP club 
  • Weak odds on same-game parlays 

Each of these tennis betting platforms offers something unique that caters to different preferences and interests. Depending on what’s most important to me – promotional offers, mobile betting, cash-outs, or available markets – I’ve found that these top 7 platforms cover all the bases in providing a satisfying experience for tennis betting enthusiasts.

How We Rate Tennis Betting Sites

When analyzing and rating tennis betting sites, I consider several key factors that help determine the quality of a sportsbook. Here are some aspects I focus on:

Reputation and Trustworthiness: I prioritize sites that have strong reputations and are fully licensed, ensuring that they operate legally and securely. This should put your mind at ease when placing bets on tennis events.

Variety of Betting Options: A good tennis betting site will offer a wide range of betting options, including money-line bets, over/under bets, and more. I also look for sportsbooks that cover a diverse selection of tennis tournaments, from major Grand Slams to smaller, regional competitions.

Competitive Odds: To maximize potential winnings, I carefully compare tennis betting odds across multiple sites and recommend those that consistently offer the best lines and odds.

Customer Service: Reliable customer support is essential for any online sportsbook, especially when it comes to resolving issues and answering queries related to tennis betting. I evaluate each site’s customer service quality based on response time and effectiveness in addressing concerns.

User Interface: A well-designed and intuitive user interface makes the tennis betting experience more enjoyable and efficient. I assess the overall look and feel of a site, along with its ease of navigation and the accessibility of important features.

Payment Options: Flexible and secure deposit and withdrawal methods make the betting process more convenient. I examine each site’s available payment options and processing times to determine the efficiency and safety of their financial operations.

By considering these critical factors, I aim to provide a comprehensive and unbiased evaluation of the best tennis betting sites. Keep in mind that these factors may vary in importance depending on your personal preferences. However, they serve as a reliable starting point for finding the optimal online sportsbook for your tennis betting needs.

Why Use Online Tennis Betting Sites?

As a tennis enthusiast and someone who likes to take part in sports betting, I’ve found that using online tennis betting sites has many advantages. In this section, I’ll discuss some of the pros and cons of betting on tennis and why online platforms are a great option.

Pros and Cons of Betting on Tennis


  1. Variety of markets: Tennis offers a wide range of betting markets, from the simplest, like moneyline bets on match winners, to more complex options, such as set bets and handicaps.
  2. Year-round action: Unlike some other sports, tennis events occur throughout the entire year, giving me plenty of opportunities to bet and stay engaged as a fan.
  3. Live betting: Many online tennis betting sites allow for live betting, meaning I can place bets while the match is in progress, reacting to the shifting momentum and adjusting my strategy accordingly.


  1. Knowledge gap: To be successful in tennis betting, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the sport, including player performance, surface preferences, and tournament formats. This can be a barrier for newcomers to the betting world.
  2. Unexpected events: Tennis, like all sports, can be unpredictable. Injuries, retirements, or weather interruptions can all occur, affecting my bets and gambling strategy.

After weighing the pros and cons, I found that the benefits of tennis betting far outweigh the drawbacks. The excitement and variety provided by the sport make it an enjoyable and potentially profitable endeavor.

Utilizing online tennis betting sites is essential for me because of the convenience and tools they offer. I can place bets from the comfort of my own home, have access to live betting, and use valuable resources such as statistics and expert opinions to inform my decisions.

When choosing the right online tennis betting site, I look for competitive odds, a user-friendly interface, and a wide range of markets. Online platforms often provide promotions and bonuses, which can greatly enhance my betting experience.

In conclusion, as someone passionate about both tennis and gambling, I find that online tennis betting sites offer the perfect blend of convenience, variety, and resources to make my sports betting experience enjoyable and, hopefully, successful.

What Kind of Bets Can You Place on Tennis?

When it comes to tennis betting, there are several types of bets that I can place. One of the most popular and straightforward bets to make is on the moneyline. This involves choosing the outright winner of a match, with the favorite usually having a negative sign (-) in front of their tennis betting odds. On the other hand, the underdog will have a positive sign (+) in front of their odds.

Another common type of bet in tennis is the over/under bet. In this case, I need to predict whether the total number of sets or games in a match will be over or under a specified value. For example, an over/under bet may be set at 22.5 games, and I would need to decide whether the match will finish with more or less than that number.

Prop bets offer a more diverse betting experience, allowing me to wager on various specific events within a match. For example, I might bet on who will score the first point in a match, how many aces a player will serve, or whether a particular player will win in straight sets. These bets often provide an exciting alternative to traditional betting options, with a wide range of possibilities available.

Tennis betting also involves sets bets. Here, I can predict the exact score of the match in terms of sets won by each player. For instance, I may bet on a player to win 2-1 in a best-of-three match, or 3-2 in a best-of-five. This type of bet typically offers higher odds, as correctly predicting the exact score is more challenging.

As a tennis bettor, it’s important for me to understand the relationship between odds, favorite, and underdog. The odds are a numerical representation of a player’s perceived chances of winning a match. If a player has lower odds, they are considered the favorite and are more likely to win, while a player with higher odds is considered the underdog and is deemed less likely to win.

In conclusion, there is a wide range of betting options available for tennis enthusiasts. From moneyline to over/under and prop bets, I can find the perfect type of bet to suit my preferences and knowledge of the game. By understanding the different bet types and strategies, I can increase my chances of success and enjoy a more engaging and profitable tennis betting experience.

MMA Betting License and Regulations

Are Tennis Betting Sites Licensed & Regulated in the US?

Yes, tennis betting sites are licensed and regulated in the US. I’ve found that each state has its own regulations and licensing bodies, but it’s important to only participate in legal and regulated online betting activities. For example, certain states like New Jersey and Nevada have strong regulations in place to ensure a safe betting environment.

Are Tennis Betting Sites Legal in the US?

Tennis betting sites are legal in many parts of the US. However, the legality of tennis betting varies state by state. Numerous states have already passed legislation to make sports betting, including tennis betting, legal. Additionally, as mentioned in this, 14 other states have active or pre-filled legislation.

List of State Where Tennis Betting is Legal

Here’s a table listing some states where tennis betting is currently legal:

State Sports Betting Status
New Jersey Legal
Nevada Legal
Pennsylvania Legal
Indiana Legal
Colorado Legal

Note that this is not an exhaustive list. The legal status of tennis betting may differ in various states.

Is It Safe to Bet on Tennis at an Online Betting Site?

I believe it’s safe to bet on tennis at an online betting site, as long as it’s properly licensed and regulated. Ensure you’re using a reputable website and following the regulations in your state. This will help protect your personal and financial information while you enjoy the thrill of tennis betting.

The Most Popular Tennis Events and Leagues to Bet On

As a tennis enthusiast, I can’t help but closely follow the professional tennis circuit, including placing bets on my favorite players and matches. When it comes to tennis betting, some of the most popular events and leagues to bet on include:

  • Grand Slam Tournaments: The prestigious Grand Slam events comprise the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open. These major tournaments truly test the skill and endurance of the world-class tennis players competing in them. The French Open is a unique event, as it takes place on clay courts, which require a different playing style than the other Grand Slams.
  • ATP and WTA Tours: Men compete in the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) tour, while women compete in the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour. These tours consist of numerous tournaments played on various surfaces throughout the tennis season. The tours are divided into different tiers, such as the Masters 1000 for ATP and the Premier events for WTA, which attract the top tennis players and provide a thrilling experience for bettors.
  • Challenger Tours: The ATP Challenger Tour and the ITF World Tennis Tour (WTA equivaent) are a step below the main ATP and WTA tours and are often considered the “minor leagues” of professional tennis. Betting on Challenger Tour events can be rewarding for those willing to follow the up-and-coming players closely, as they often have less predictable outcomes than the main tour matches.

In addition to betting on individual matches, many bookmakers offer futures bets for predicting the tournament winners and season-ending rankings, which can be a fun way to stay engaged throughout the entire tennis season.

When placing bets on tennis events, I always consider factors such as the players’ current form, head-to-head records, and their performance on different surfaces, as this information can be crucial in predicting match outcomes. Whether you prefer betting on Grand Slam tournaments or smaller ATP and WTA events, there are plenty of exciting opportunities throughout the year.

Top Tennis Teams to Bet On Compared in a Table

When it comes to tennis betting, I enjoy analyzing the top players and their performances in various tournaments. Here, I’ve put together a comparison table of some notable tennis players, both men and women, who have been making waves in recent matches like Roland Garros.

Player Gender Ranking Notable Achievements
Novak Djokovic Male 1 20 Grand Slam titles, 1 Roland Garros
Denis Shapovalov Male 12 ATP Tour Finals, Wimbledon semifinals
Carlos Alcaraz Male 55 Youngest ATP Tour titlist
Matteo Etcheverry Male 203 Challenger Tour Wins
Frances Tiafoe Male 50 Australian Open quarterfinals
Fabio Fognini Male 31 9 ATP titles

In the men’s category, Novak Djokovic has undoubtedly been a dominant force in recent years, securing numerous Grand Slam titles, including Roland Garros. His remarkable skills and determination make him a safe bet for most matches.

Another rising star on the men’s side is Denis Shapovalov, who has been impressing tennis enthusiasts with his results in events like the ATP Tour Finals and Wimbledon semifinals. While he might not be a top-tier favorite like Djokovic, he definitely has the potential to give his opponents a run for their money.

Carlos Alcaraz is also an interesting pick, being the youngest ATP Tour titlist. His aggressive play style and willingness to improve could eventually see him climb up the rankings.

When talking about women in tennis, it’s hard not to mention the likes of:

  • Serena Williams
  • Naomi Osaka
  • Ashleigh Barty
  • Iga Swiatek

These players have showcased exceptional talent and tenacity in various competitions, making them strong contenders for tennis bettors.

In summary, to make the most out of my tennis betting endeavors, I closely follow the progress of these top players and consider factors like their current form, match history, and opponent strengths while making my predictions. By doing so, I hope to maximize my chances of success in tennis betting.

Best Land-Based Tennis Sportsbooks Compared in a Table

I have recently spent some time researching and comparing the best land-based tennis sportsbooks. In this section, I will present my findings in a brief, easy-to-understand table that lists each sportsbook, their standing as favorites, and some pros and cons. I aim to provide you with a clear and concise comparison, so you can make an informed decision on where to place your tennis bets.

Sportsbook Favorite Pros Cons
Aces Casino Yes -Wide variety of tennis bets
-Exclusive rewards system
-Limited locations
Sporting Haven No -Dedicated tennis lounge
-In-depth player performance stats
-Less competitive odds
Ace of Spades Yes -Generous promotions
-Top-rated credibility
-Occasional overcrowding
Tennis & More No -Tennis-focused sportsbook
-Expert tips and advice
-Average odds
-Limited bet options

In my experience, Aces Casino and Ace of Spades have emerged as the favorite sportsbooks among tennis bettors. Both offer a wide variety of tennis bets, attractive wagering options, and excellent customer service. Aces Casino also has an exclusive rewards system, while Ace of Spades offers frequent promotions.

On the other hand, Sporting Haven and Tennis & More are not regarded as favorites but still offer unique features to attract tennis bettors. Sporting Haven boasts a dedicated tennis lounge and provides in-depth player statistics, while Tennis & More is a niche sportsbook specifically catering to tennis enthusiasts. However, both tend to have less competitive odds and options when it comes to tennis betting.

Finally, I encourage you to consider your personal preferences and needs when choosing a land-based tennis sportsbook. Each option has its own advantages and drawbacks, so finding the right balance between what you value most – be it odds, variety, or expert insight – will help ensure a satisfying and enjoyable tennis betting experience.

Best New Tennis Sportsbooks Compared in a Table

I recently explored some of the best new tennis sportsbooks on the market and in this section, I’ll share my findings in a concise table format that highlights their key features. Comparing various sportsbooks can be quite challenging, so I’ve put together this information to help you make an informed decision when choosing a platform for tennis betting.

Here is a quick comparison of a few popular sportsbooks offering competitive tennis betting:

Sportsbook Sign-up Bonus Live Betting Mobile App Competitive Odds
SportsGeek Yes Yes Yes Yes
SafeBetting Yes No Yes Yes
BettingScanner Yes Yes Yes Yes

I found that these sportsbooks have several factors in common: they all offer a sign-up bonus for new users, provide mobile apps to bet on-the-go, and feature competitive odds. However, SafeBetting lacks live betting, which is a popular feature among bettors.

When it comes to betting options, these sportsbooks provide multiple ways for users to wager: moneyline, handicap, set betting, and more. This variety of betting types allows you to choose the format that best aligns with your tennis betting strategy.

In addition to tennis, these sportsbooks cover a range of other sports as well. So, if you’re interested in exploring multiple sports betting options, these platforms could be a solid choice.

It’s worth noting that the user experience may vary depending on your location and connection speed. To eliminate any potential hurdles, consider testing out each platform’s interface and ease of use before committing to placing your bets.

What Are the Types of Tennis Bets?

As someone who enjoys tennis betting, I’m quite familiar with the various options available when it comes to placing a bet. To provide a good understanding, let me outline the main types of tennis bets you can make.

Moneyline is the simplest way to start betting on tennis. In this type of bet, you simply pick the outright winner of the match. The odds for each player will vary based on their respective chances of winning. Moneyline is quite popular, as it’s less high-stake compared to other bet types. You can learn more about this type of bet.

Over/Under is another popular type of bet in tennis. It involves predicting whether the total number of games played in a match will be over or under a specific value set by the bookmaker. This type of bet typically doesn’t require you to predict the winner, making it more about understanding the overall competitiveness of the match.

Point spreads come into play when there is a clear favorite and underdog in a match. The bookmakers will set a handicap for the favorite, requiring them to win by a specific number of games for the bettors backing them to win. On the other hand, the underdog can lose the match by a specific margin and still result in a winning bet for those who backed them. This type of betting can add to the excitement when watching closely-contested matches.

In addition to these primary options, there are several prop bets that you can place while betting on tennis. Some popular prop bets include predicting the correct score of a set or the match, the number of sets in a match, the first player to break serve, and many more. These bets often rely more on your knowledge of player statistics and tendencies, making them a fun challenge for avid tennis fans.

Lastly, it’s important to understand tennis betting odds when placing your bets. Odds can be displayed in American, decimal, or fractional formats, and they indicate the potential return on your bet in relation to your stake. They also give an insight into the bookmaker’s perception of the probability of each outcome. To become adept at betting, it’s crucial to learn how to read and interpret these odds.

In summary, there’s a wide variety of tennis bets to choose from, ranging from the straightforward moneyline to the more intricate prop bets. Whatever your preference, gaining a deep understanding of each type and the odds is key to making well-informed wagers.

MMA Betting Bonuses Reviewed & Compared

Are There Free Tennis Betting Sites in the US?

Being a fan of both MMA and tennis betting, I have come across various sites that offer free bets and promotions on tennis for US residents. As free is always enticing, here are some promos I have discovered useful:

  1. Sign-up bonuses: Several online sportsbooks offer a sign-up bonus for new members. These usually come in the form of free bets or deposit match bonuses, where they match a certain percentage of your first deposit.
  2. Reload bonuses: Many online betting sites also provide reload bonuses. These are promotions designed to retain existing customers, adding extra funds to their accounts when they top up with a new deposit.

To ensure a user-friendly experience, I have found that sportsbooks generally structure their promotions in a clear and concise manner. Nevertheless, always be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to make sure the promotions are right for your betting preferences.

Regarding tennis betting specifically, I haven’t encountered many sites that focus exclusively on free tennis bets. However, there are plenty of reputable MMA betting sites that cover a wide range of sports, including tennis. By joining these sites, I have been able to place bets on various matches, including tennis matches, and enjoy their respective promos and bonuses.

That being said, it’s crucial to remember that each sportsbook has its own restrictions, policies, and conditions, so always make sure to double-check before signing up or placing bets.

What Are the Odds Like for Online Tennis Betting?

How Do Tennis Odds Work?

When I bet on tennis, I usually pay attention to the odds offered by online sportsbooks. The odds indicate the implied probability of an event happening, such as a player winning a match. They also determine the potential payout I can receive from a successful bet. In most cases, the odds are presented in moneyline format, with a negative (-) sign for the favorite and a positive (+) sign for the underdog.

For example, let’s say we have a match between Player A and Player B, with odds of -200 for Player A and +160 for Player B. If I bet $200 on Player A and they win, I will receive $100 in winnings plus my initial bet amount ($200), for a total payout of $300. On the other hand, if I bet $100 on Player B and they win, I will receive $160 in winnings plus my initial bet amount ($100), for a total payout of $260.

When it comes to online tennis betting odds, it is important to consider several factors that can influence the odds:

  • Individual player performance and form
  • Players’ head-to-head records
  • Playing surface (grass, clay, or hard court)
  • Weather conditions during the match
  • Injuries or match retirements

To make a more informed decision while betting on tennis, I usually compare odds from different sportsbooks. This allows me to find the best available odds and increase my chances of winning.

Remember, understanding how tennis odds work can help me and any tennis bettor make more informed decisions and potentially maximize their returns. The key is to thoroughly research and analyze the matches, players, and factors influencing the odds before placing a bet.

How to Sign Up to a Tennis Betting Site

I recently wanted to get into tennis betting, so I began by searching for a reputable online betting platform. After researching and comparing different websites, I finally decided on one that offered great odds and a user-friendly interface. The following paragraphs will walk you through the steps I took to sign up and successfully start betting on tennis matches.

The first step in signing up for a tennis betting site was creating an account. I visited the website and navigated to the registration page, where I was prompted to enter my personal information. This typically includes my name, email address, date of birth, and country of residence. Some sites also require a valid ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to verify my identity.

After entering my personal information, I set up a unique username and password to secure my account. Many tennis betting sites also offer two-factor authentication (2FA) as an added layer of security, which I recommend enabling whenever available. To do this, I linked my account to my mobile number and entered a one-time verification code sent to my phone.

Once my account was set up and secured, I proceeded to make a deposit to fund my tennis betting activities. Many platforms offer multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. I chose a method that best suited my needs and made my initial deposit, taking note of any bonuses or promotions offered by the platform.

With my account funded and ready to go, I started exploring the tennis betting options available. Most sites offer a variety of betting markets such as Moneyline, point spread, and over/under. I familiarized myself with these different betting types and sought out tips and strategies to increase my chances of winning. Once I found a bet I was confident in, I entered the desired amount and placed my first tennis bet!

In summary, signing up for a tennis betting site is a relatively simple process that involves creating an account, safeguarding it with security measures, funding it, and finally diving into the exciting world of tennis betting. With a little research and practice, I found that tennis betting can be a fun and potentially profitable hobby.

Banking Options for Tennis Betting

List of 5 Best Deposit Methods for Betting on Tennis

When I want to bet on tennis, I first consider the deposit methods available at the betting site. Here are my top five picks for deposit methods:

  1. Credit/Debit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted and provide instant deposit processing.
  2. E-wallets: PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill offer an easy and quick way to fund my betting account.
  3. Bank Transfers: Though slower compared to e-wallets, bank transfers such as ACH provide higher limits for deposits.
  4. Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer fast, secure, and anonymous deposit options.
  5. Prepaid Cards: Companies like Paysafecard provide prepaid options that help me avoid sharing my bank or card details with the betting site.

List of 5 Best Withdrawal Methods for Betting on Tennis

After winning bets on tennis, I want to withdraw my earnings conveniently. Here are my favorite withdrawal methods:

  1. E-wallets: With fast processing times and low fees, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are my top choices.
  2. Bank Transfers: Receiving my winnings directly to my bank account provides a sense of security.
  3. Cryptocurrencies: Withdrawing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin offers anonymity and quick transactions.
  4. Check by Mail: Although slower, receiving a check by mail is a viable option for those who prefer traditional methods.
  5. Debit Card: Certain betting sites allow withdrawal directly to my debit card, ensuring quick access to my funds.

Tennis Deposit & Payout Times

It’s important to consider deposit and withdrawal processing times when choosing a tennis betting platform. Generally, I find that:

  • Deposits with credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies are instant.
  • Bank transfers and prepaid cards may take 1-5 business days for deposit processing.
  • Withdrawals via e-wallets and cryptocurrencies are typically processed within 24 hours.
  • Bank transfers and debit card withdrawals may take between 3-5 business days.
  • Check by mail can take up to 15 business days to receive.

Do You Need to Pay Tax on Tennis Betting Winnings (or Losses) in the US?

As a responsible bettor, I am aware that all gambling winnings are subject to federal income tax in the United States. This includes winnings from tennis bets. However, it’s essential to consult with a tax professional for specific guidance on reporting and paying taxes on gambling earnings. Losses can be deducted, but only to the extent of winnings.

Best Tennis Betting Strategies

In my experience, one of the best tennis betting strategies is matched betting on tennis. It’s a beginner-friendly technique that can generate a guaranteed profit each time I place a bet because it takes advantage of bookmaker bonuses without risking any of my funds.

When betting on tennis, it’s crucial to take the court surface into account. Different players excel on different surfaces like grass, clay, or hard courts. I always analyze a player’s past performance on the specific court surface to make a more informed decision.

Tennis betting tips that I’ve found useful include paying attention to head-to-head records between the players and considering their recent form. Players might have a psychological edge against some opponents, which could significantly influence the outcome. Additionally, fatigue, injuries, and current form play a significant role in the players’ performance, so I always stay up-to-date on these aspects.

Another factor I consider when betting on tennis is the players’ return game. A strong return game can be the key to victory, even against a player with a powerful serve. Therefore, I pay close attention to a player’s break point conversion rates and their overall return statistics.

In summary, to be successful at tennis betting, I focus on strategies like matched betting, carefully analyze court surfaces and player performances, employ useful tennis betting tips, and consider the players’ return game. By combining these factors, I’m able to make informed bets and increase my chances of success.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Tennis Betting Site

When it comes to tennis betting, I have always been strategic in selecting an appropriate online sportsbook. To effectively wager on tennis events like Wimbledon, the US, and Australian Opens, I make sure to consider these top five aspects of tennis betting sites:

  1. Reputation and Licensing: I always prioritize the reputation of the betting site. A trustworthy and legitimate platform ensures a secure betting environment. An excellent resource for identifying the best tennis betting sites can be found at the New York Post’s rankings.
  2. Odds and Betting Markets: As an experienced bettor, I look for sites that offer competitive odds and a wide range of betting markets. For instance, BetMGM is known for its satisfying selection of tennis events and fairly competitive odds.
  3. Variety of Bet Types: Since different bettors have diverse betting preferences, I ensure that the chosen platform provides a variety of bet types. The ESTNN’s Tennis Betting Guide offers helpful information on betting terms and wager types that can aid my decision-making process.
  4. User Experience and Interface: An easy-to-use interface is crucial, as it allows me to find and place bets quickly. A seamless user experience, coupled with a responsive customer support team, makes for an enjoyable betting experience.
  5. Banking Options and Withdrawal Speed: Finally, I look for a platform that offers multiple deposit and withdrawal methods, suiting my preferences. Fast withdrawals and secure transactions are vital components of a top-tier betting site.

In summary, when choosing the best tennis betting site, I emphasize the site’s reputation, licensing, odds, bet types, user experience, and banking options. By considering these top five aspects, I can enhance my overall betting experience and increase the chances of successfully wagering on tennis events.

Other Ways to Bet on Tennis

Sports Betting Apps (Mobile Betting)

When I want to bet on tennis, I often turn to sports betting apps for a convenient and accessible experience. These apps allow me to place bets, monitor odds, and track my betting history right from my smartphone. Many leading bookmakers, like BetMGM, provide user-friendly mobile apps and mobile-optimized websites, bringing the betting action to me wherever I am.

One of the advantages of using sports betting apps is the ability to bet live during tennis matches, allowing me to adjust my bets based on real-time on-court events. This adds an exciting new element to betting on tennis.

Sports Betting Shops

While mobile betting is certainly convenient, I also enjoy the experience of visiting brick-and-mortar sports betting shops. At a betting shop, I can interact with fellow tennis fans and engage in friendly banter as I place my bets.

Additionally, some betting shop employees may be knowledgeable about tennis, providing valuable insights on matches and potential bets. Sports betting shops also typically display live odds and results, ensuring that I am always up-to-date with the latest tennis happenings.

Fantasy Sports

Another way I explore tennis betting is by participating in fantasy sports. Such platforms allow me to draft imaginary tennis teams from real professional players, earning points based on their performances in actual matches. Fantasy tennis offers a unique angle to sports betting, as it involves an element of strategic planning and player selection.

Platforms like DraftKings and FanDuel offer various styles of fantasy tennis competitions, providing multiple opportunities to challenge my tennis knowledge and win prizes.

Overall, depending on my personal preferences and convenience, these are some of the ways I indulge in tennis betting. From using sports betting apps to visiting betting shops, or participating in fantasy sports, each method offers unique experiences and challenges, keeping me engaged in the world of tennis.

List of Tennis Betting Sites to Avoid

I must warn you that if you are betting on tennis for the first time, it is crucial to stick with legal and fully licensed betting sites. Some online platforms have earned a bad reputation for various reasons, and I strongly advise avoiding them to protect your investments and personal information.

Firstly, be cautious of betting sites with extremely limited options for making deposits and withdrawals. Some might only accept payments in cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, which can be problematic for bettors who prefer more conventional payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, or e-wallets. Moreover, sticking to well-regarded sites like Odds Shark that offer multiple payment options is a smarter choice.

Another red flag is sites with very obscure navigation and unclear terms and conditions. When browsing a tennis betting site, everything should be easily accessible and transparent to avoid any confusion later on. Trustworthy platforms typically have user-friendly interfaces, responsive customer supports, and clear information about their betting services.

Finally, an essential factor to consider while choosing a tennis betting site is its reputation and user reviews. Some nefarious sites might withhold payments or delay them for too long, and bettors have no legal recourse to get their money back in such instances. Researching and reading online reviews about a betting site before signing up can help you identify these problematic platforms better.

To summarize, I recommend sticking to reputable tennis betting sites and avoiding those with limited payment options, unclear terms and conditions, and a history of problems with withdrawals. Your experience betting on tennis should be enjoyable and secure, so don’t hesitate to do your due diligence before diving in.

How to Gamble Responsibly on Tennis Betting Sites

When it comes to tennis betting, it’s important for me to approach the activity responsibly. After all, gambling can be addictive, and it’s crucial for my well-being that I wager within my means.

To ensure responsible betting, I always set a budget for my tennis wagers. It goes without saying that I only gamble with money that I can afford to lose, so I have a specific amount dedicated to betting that doesn’t interfere with my daily expenses or other financial obligations.

I also approach tennis betting with a clear strategy in mind. Researching the players, their past performance, and current forms helps me make more informed decisions and keeps me from making impulsive bets. By staying well-informed, I minimize the risk of losing while maximizing my potential for success.

Another important aspect of responsible gambling I adhere to is avoiding emotional betting. I don’t let my emotions cloud my judgment when placing wagers on tennis matches. This means I avoid doubling down after a loss and refrain from betting on my favorite players out of loyalty without considering the circumstances or odds.

For me, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy balance between my gambling activities and other aspects of my life. I make sure not to spend excessive time on tennis betting sites, and I don’t let my bets negatively impact my relationships or other interests.

Lastly, I keep an open dialogue with close friends and family members about my tennis betting activities. This not only ensures transparency but also provides me with someone to approach should I ever develop a gambling problem.

By adopting these responsible gambling practices, I can enjoy tennis betting as a form of entertainment while keeping the risks in check. Remember, if you or someone you know has a gambling problem and wants help, call 1-800 GAMBLER.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to predict tennis odds?

As a tennis enthusiast, I analyze the players’ current form, head-to-head records, surface preferences, and recent performances. I also consider factors like injuries, fatigue, and motivation levels. With these aspects in mind, I can weigh the chances of each player to estimate the odds for a match. However, it’s important to remember that predictions are never foolproof, and it’s always helpful to supplement my analysis with expert opinions

Betting on over/under in tennis?

When I bet on over/under in tennis, I usually focus on the total number of games or sets played in a match. For example, if a bookmaker offers an over/under bet of 20.5 games in a match, I decide whether I think the match will have more than 20.5 games (over) or fewer than 20.5 games (under). To make my decision, I examine the players’ styles, their head-to-head records, and how they perform under pressure.

Understanding tennis betting odds?

To understand tennis betting odds, I always try to remember how odds represent the implied probability of an outcome occurring. For example, if a player has decimal odds of 1.80, the implied probability can be calculated by the formula: Probability = 1 / Decimal Odds x 100. So, in this case, 1 / 1.80 x 100 = 55.56%. This means that, according to the bookmaker, the player has a 55.56% chance of winning.

What is set betting in tennis?

Set betting in tennis involves predicting the exact score of a match in terms of sets won by each player. For example, if I think Player A will win a best-of-three sets match 2-1, I would place a set betting wager on Player A to win 2-1. This type of bet can offer higher potential returns, but it’s also riskier, as it requires a more precise prediction.

Betting on tennis with Fanduel?

When I bet on tennis with Fanduel, I like to explore various betting options they offer, such as moneyline, over/under, and live game betting. I find their platform user-friendly and appreciate the convenience of accessing odds and placing bets through their mobile app. Additionally, Fanduel occasionally offers promotions and bonuses, which add value to my betting experience.

Finding Draftkings tennis picks?

I find Draftkings tennis picks by studying their daily fantasy sports contests for tennis. These contests require me to build a lineup of players within a salary cap and earn points based on their real-life performance. To make my picks, I analyze the players’ past performances, matchups, and form to determine who will provide the best value within the contest’s salary cap constraints. I also make use of resources like expert advice, player statistics, and match projections offered on Draftkings’ site.