Best Tennis Odds

Last updated: June 16, 2023

Which sportsbook currently offers the best tennis odds? What should you pay attention to before placing your bet, and what are our recommended tennis bets this week? Keep on reading to find out.

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Current Tennis Odds


Future bets currently offer the best odds on sportsbooks like DraftKings, Fanduel, and BetMGM. On that note, here’s what you can expect if you decide to bet on the winners of the French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon today:

Tournament Bet DraftKings Fanduel BetMGM
US Open 2023 Winner (Women) Iga Swiatek +250 +200 +225
US Open 2023 Winner (Men) Novak Djokovic +140 +125 +120
French Open 2023 Winner (Men) Novak Djokovic / +210 /
French Open 2023 Winner (Women) Aryna Sabalenka / +250 /
Wimbledon 2023 Winner (Men) Novak Djokovic +100 / /
Wimbledon 2023 Winner (Women) Iga Swiatek +350 / /

Recommended Tennis Bets This Week


If you’re wondering what types of bets have the best tennis odds, the answer is future bets. These types of bets have higher juice than standard bets. Plus, they come with higher potential payouts. With that in mind, we recommend you place future bets on the winners of the US Open since they come with great odds. This is how tennis title odds currently look at DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetMGM.

US Open 2023 Winner (Men) DraftKings Fanduel BetMGM
Novak Djokovic +140 +125 +120
Carlos Alcaraz +300 +175 +225
Daniil Medvedev +300 +380 +300


US Open 2023 Winner (Women) DraftKings Fanduel BetMGM
Iga Swiatek +250 +200 +225
Elena Rybakina +600 +650  +800
Aryna Sabalenka +700 +500 +500

Tennis Odds Analysis


Now that you know what tennis odds this week look like at prominent sportsbooks, let’s discuss the factors that will affect the odds the most.

  • Tournament type: Professional tennis incorporates several tournaments – ITF tournaments, Challenger tournaments, ATP tournaments, and Grand Slam tournaments. The US Open has different tiebreak rules. Namely, when the match reaches 6-all in the last set, the players will play an extended tiebreaker. Novak Djokovic is known for winning key points during tiebreaks.
  • Types of courts: The type of surface on which the game is played will also affect the tennis title odds. The ball behaves differently on different surfaces, meaning the players must adapt their tactics and style according to the playing surface. The US Open is played on a hard court, which makes it ideal for baseline players. For example, Carlos Alcaraz is a very aggressive baseliner, which is why he has a great chance of winning the US Open.
  • Weather conditions: Weather can significantly affect a player’s performance. Weather conditions like wind and heat will affect tennis players differently. For example, while Nadal thrives on high temperatures, the same cannot be said about Djokovic.
  • Player form and performance: The form of players is one of the key factors that will greatly influence tennis MVP odds and winning odds. The form will also play an important role when the player returns from injury, and sportsbooks will often place high odds on these players. Not all players will play the same after a long break. For example, if they enter a bad streak and the odds against them are high, there is a high chance of making a profit.
  • Men’s vs. women’s tennis: The biggest difference between men’s and women’s tennis betting is the length of sets. Namely, women play in the best-of-three format, while men play in the best-of-five format, which is why betting on men’s tennis is much more profitable. However, when it comes to tennis title odds, women’s tennis has more favorable odds.

Ongoing Tennis Odds Updated This Week


Besides wagering on the winner of the US Open, you can also try your luck by placing future bets on other well-known tournaments, such as the French Open and Wimbledon. 

Tennis French Open Odds This Week

The French Open final will be played on June 11, and these are the current favorites on FanDuel.

French Open 2023 Winner (Men) FanDuel
Novak Djokovic +210
Alexander Zverev +1200
Holger Rune +1500


French Open 2023 Winner (Women) FanDuel
Aryna Sabalenka +250
Karolina Muchova +1800
Beatriz Haddad Maia +2000

Tennis Wimbledon Odds This Week

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments that will be held from July 3 to July 16, 2023. According to DraftKings, the following players currently have the best odds of winning. 

Wimbledon 2023 Winner (Men) DraftKings
Novak Djokovic +100
Carlos Alcaraz +300
Daniil Medvedev +650


Wimbledon 2023 Winner (Women) DraftKings
Iga Swiatek +350
Elena Rybakina +450
Aryna Sabalenka +450

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