2012 Wild Card

Rangers 10 Orioles 7

The Texas Rangers have been to the last two World Series, and looked for a while to be the team to beat in the American League again this year. However, a late season collapse cost them the American League West and put them on the griddle of the Wild Card Game, where it is one and done. The Baltimore Orioles are just happy to be here and playing with house money, after 15 straight losing seasons to challenge the Yankees and get into October is enough to have any Orioles fan happy. However, to really make them happy they need to get back to Camden Yards and the only way that can happen is to win in Texas. With the game in Arlington the Rangers have a shot, because going cross country and playing in Baltimore would have been an impossible task after getting swept in Oakland. During the season the Rangers won five of seven against the O’s. The crowd will revitalize and they will beat the Orioles in a bit of a slug fest to advance to the ALDS.

Braves 5 Cardinals 2

Both teams come in playing well, winning seven of their final ten games in the regular season, and both teams are relatively healthy. During the regular season, the Braves dominated the Cardinals taking five of six games. The Cardinals have been counted out in the past as nobody expected their run to the World Series Championship last year as the Wild Card team. Now with two wild cards they can do it again. The Braves meanwhile finished strong are the better overall team and have the game at home. However, this one game Wild Card showdown is the ultimate version of Russian roulette, where anything can happen with a good pitching performance. The Cardinals are starting Kyle Loshe who had a terrific year, while the Braves start Kris Medlin. The Braves never lose when Medlin starts, as they have won 22 straight starts by Medlin, dating back to 2010. In addition you have the Chipper Jones retirement coming up and the Braves will do anything to extend his career another week.

Predictions Made October 4, 2012 at 11:35 pm ET