2015 World Series

Mets in 6

For the first time in World Series history two expansion teams are opposing each other. When expansion teams appeared in the Fall Classic before, they always faced a franchise that was established before 1961. Both teams are looking to win their first World Championship in three decades, with the Kansas City Royals win in 1985 and the New York Mets winning one year later in 1986. In a twist of irony the World Series starts on October 27th the anniversary date of each team’s Game 7 victory.

The Royals are in the World Series for the second straight season seeking to win that one game they could not win last year. The Mets meanwhile after a long dry spell hit the postseason like a bull in a China Shop thanks to their young pitching staff. The Mets don’t have a Madison Bumgarner they have three potential Bumgarners, with Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndegaard all pitching at the top of their game in October. In the playoffs thus far the Mets starting pitching has been beyond great, with quality starts even when they don’t have their best stuff. The Mets three stud pitchers are joined by Steven Matz who has been nearly has good in two Game 4 appearances. All four Mets pitchers throw hard and in the 90s. In addition Jeurys Familia has been unhittable in the postseason, allowing four base runners in eight postseason appearances. These are names that are all making an impact in their first ever October appearances and will likely soon become postseason regulars as the Mets are primed to be World Series contenders for the next five years with this pitching staff.

Like last year the Royals are the little team that could, they don’t have headline makers, but they just seem to find ways to win games. This year’s Royals team has a bit more power thanks to the addition of Kendrys Morales. However, with Morales having no position he will not be able to play in Citi Field without the Designated Hitter in the lineup. This is why all of Kansas City has to be thankful that the American League won the All-Star Game as the Mets would be impossible to beat if they started the series at home. The Royals need to hold serve at home if they are to have a chance in this series, if the Mets go home with a 2-0 lead start planning the parade. The Royals don’t have many advantages in this series, other than speed and defense. If the Royals can get Lorenzo Cain on base creating havoc and building runs, the Mets pitching advantage could be lessened. The Royals are a scrappy team that is able to make good contact but with the way the Mets are dealing it is hard to see them being able to create much damage with power, so the Royals only way to win is to flood the bases with speed.

The Mets lineup which has been known to go into slumps from time to time, thus far has been solid in the playoff thanks to a surreal power surge from Daniel Murphy who has hit homers in a record six straight postseason games. It is hard to imagine, Murphy whose career best 14 home runs in the regular season came this year being able to stay that hot. However, with Lucas Duda finding his power stroke in Game 4 of the NLCS, and David Wight getting some hits the Mets lineup could give the Royals pitching fits. The Royals do have a strong bullpen once again, but at times the Royals starting rotation has struggled in the playoffs, with Johnny Cueto and Edinson Volquez both struggling at times. If the Royals starters are unable to match the Mets the Royals will be finished.

Pitching has always been the key to winning in the World Series, and the Mets hold the pitching advantage. Look for them to win the series in six.

World Series MVP:
Jacob deGrom

Predictions Made October 26, 2015 at 10:30 pm ET