2016 Forecaster Frank's NFL Picks

Previous Week No Spread: 8-4-1 .667
Total No Spread: 66-52-2 .559
Previous Week With Spread: 8-5 .615
Total With Spread: 55-65 .458



Falcons 38 Buccaneers 27

After two straight losses, the Falcons rebounded to beat the Packers on a last-minute touchdown drive led by Matt Ryan, who hit Mohammed Sanu for the game winnings score. The Buccaneers meanwhile battled deep into overtime and suffered a frustrating loss at home. Neither team has their defense playing particularly well, but the Falcons offense is just a little bit better and they will be especially determined to win this game after losing the season opener against the Buccaneers at home.


Ravens 12 Steelers 11

No rivalry has had as much vitriol and bad feelings. Every time they go up against each other it is close and both sides leave with bad feelings toward each other as the battle is close and rough with plenty of name calling. No not the Presidential Election I mean Steelers vs Ravens. Both teams are well rested but the Steelers are not 100%, there is an outside chance Ben Roethlisberger can play three weeks after a knee injury. Neither team is playing well on offense and the game is always tight and decided by three points or less. This gives the edge to the Ravens who have a more reliable kicker in Justin Turner.


Cowboys 27 Browns 10

Poor Jamie Collins he went from the penthouse to the outhouse as he traded from the Patriots to the Browns on Monday. One must wonder what did he do to be sent to the NFL’s answers to Siberia. Not since Peter Griffin being sent to the London Silly Nannies as Bill Belichick sent such a cold harsh message. The Patriots have a bye this week, while the Browns are a like a bye week for the opposition, especially when that team is among the NFL’s top tier teams. This week it’s the Cowboys getting the easy win as the Browns hunt for 0-16 continues.


Chiefs 24 Jaguars 13

Like last season when they won ten straight after starting 1-5, the Chiefs appear to be getting stronger as the season goes on. Last week they went crushed the Colts, with Alex Smith getting knocked around. Despite Smith missing this game the Chiefs should be fine with the run game Carrying the load. The Jaguars meanwhile are stuck in a ditch; their defense can be run on and their offense is just not good enough to keep pace. Blake Bortles is not getting any better and soon you must wonder if the Jaguars are going to hit the reset better and start again with a new coach and a new quarterback especially after the dismissal of Offensive Coordinator Greg Olsen.


Dolphins 27 Jets 17

The only thing that could stop Jay Ajayi in the last few weeks is the bye week as he topped 200 yards in his last two games. The Jets themselves are coming off two straight wins, but they have not been nearly as impressive as they nearly suffered a loss at the hands of the Browns. This game will determine which direction each team’s season goes. A win and they have a chance to stay in playoff contention, while a loss means it is time to prepare for the draft and how to get better for next year. I like Ajayi to lead Miami to another win, while Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to struggle with turnovers.


Vikings 24 Lions 10

The job of Offensive Coordinator in the NFL has become as tenuous as being an Admiral in the Imperial Navy aboard Darth Vader’s ship as four have been dismissed since the start of the season. While Norv Turner technically resigned from his position in Minnesota, the Vikings terrible performance in back-to-back games should be a major concern. Returning home should help and seeing a team they are familiar with in the Lions, plus defense has been their strength and so far, it looks like they have a nice home field edge in their new stadium. Look for the Vikings to get at least one score from the defense to lead the way.


Eagles 20 Giants 17

This game way will go a long way in determining who is a contender and who is a pretender as both enter with 4-3 records. The Eagles have manhandled the Giants in recent years, winning four straight and 13 of 16 meetings dating back to 2008. The Eagles are coming off a hard-fought loss in Dallas, while the Giants went into the bye week with two straight wins. The Eagles defense is playing well and should be able to disrupt the Giants passing game and they don’t have a good enough balance to answer with the run game.


Panthers 31 Rams 16

Coming off a bye week, the Panthers finally looked like the team that went to the Super Bowl as they beat up the Cardinals at home as they hope it’s not too late to save their season at 2-5. The Rams are hoping that the bye could also be the spark they need. However, until they make a quarterback switch nothing is going to change for the Rams. Case Keenum was flat out terrible two weeks ago in London. The Rams traded up to draft Jared Goff with the number one pick, it’s time to give him his shot otherwise one should begin to wonder if Goff is capable of being the franchise quarterback the Rams though they were trading for.


Saints 37 49ers 17

It took Philadelphia three years to get sick of Chip Kelly in San Francisco it only took eight weeks, as fans have begun calling for another coaching change with the Niners an absolute mess at 1-6. The Saints defense has played much better in recent weeks and Drew Brees has been red hot, with a win Sunday New Orleans can get back to .500. The 49ers meanwhile are hoping they can use the bye to refocus and get back on track. The Colin Kaepernick controversy has seemingly sucked the life out of the Niners as fans have begun to stay away. It is hard to see the Saints not winning with the 49ers having too many issues to overcome.


Packers 37 Colts 17

Both teams have been rather disappointing so far, with the Colts muddling along at 3-5, while the Packers have a record of 4-3 and are coming off a hideous loss in Atlanta. Despite their loss to the Falcons, Aaron Rodgers was sharp passing for 286 yards with four scores. The Colts just can’t seem to get any momentum as they often start slowly and put Andrew Luck in must pass situations. The Colts run game has also been a disaster and their defense has been soft. Put this together and put the game n Lambeau Field and it all means a big win for the Packers.


Chargers 23 Titans 17

Marcus Mariota appears to be finding his groove as the Titans have won three of their last four games to get back to .500. Despite a loss in Denver last week the Chargers also are coming off a strong October. Phillip Rivers is having a solid season and with a bounce here and a bounce there the Chargers could be 6-2. The Titans maybe be getting stronger, but going cross country and playing in San Diego is a tall order for a young team. Look for the game to be close, but the veteran Chargers having the answers at the end of the day.


Broncos 20 Raiders 16

It has been a long time since the Raiders have played a game this big, as they face the Denver Broncos on Sunday Night Football with each team holding a record of 6-2 with first place in the AFC West on the line. The Broncos defense has been strong all season and the Raiders defense has been spotty at times. The Raiders also have discipline problems as their record 24 penalties last week show. The Raiders would be better off playing this game in Denver as they seem to be tight at home especially in their awful stadium conditions. The Broncos are used to the spotlight while the Raiders though improving have a lot to prove yet before they can win a game of this magnitude.


Seahawks 20 Bills 9

The Buffalo Bills have come back to earth, losing their last two games after their four-game winning streak. The Seahawks meanwhile have had trouble protecting Russell Wilson as their offensive line might be the worst in the NFL. Fortunately, the Seahawks still have a solid defense, a solid home field and strong players to post a record of 4-2-1 in the first seven games. Playing in primetime at home always seems to bring out the best in Seattle and the Bills winning streak was more likely a fluke than anything real as they just don’t have the players to matchup against stronger teams