2021 NBA Conference Finals

Bucks in 7

The Hawks pulled off a huge upset against the top-seeded sixers in round two when most people doubted the Hawks. What makes the Hawks special is their overall depth, which most teams don’t have anymore. Despite a poor performance from Trae Young, everyone else could step up and carry the team. Unlike the Hawks, the Bucks rely on their top-end talent with Giannis, Holiday, and Middleton to get the job done. After two impressive wins against good teams, the Hawks are clearly here to stay. If the Hawks want to continue this run, Young will need to play much better than he did in Game 7, but the Bucks will not be able to provide the same defensive lineups that the Sixers put together. Despite the Hawks’ depth, the Bucks have more playoff experience, and Giannis has shown his ability to perform in big games throughout his career. Unless the Hawks can slow down Giannis, and just as important, prevent Middleton from getting hot, then there is no doubt that the Hawks will give themselves an opportunity. This seems unlikely, however, and I would expect the Bucks to end the Hawks deep playoff run in a hard-fought game 7

Suns in 7

After the Clippers were able to complete multiple comebacks against the Mavericks in the first round, it is no surprise that they could carry the momentum into their matchup against the Jazz. When George plays up to his potential, the Clippers are incredibly hard to slow down. The Suns had one of the most dominant series wins this year as they swept the Nuggets. When a team has the ability to dominate their opponent on the court while their fans can beat up their opponents off the court, it should be no surprise that this series resulted in a sweep. If the Suns’ fans continue their dominance, this series could be over very fast, especially since the Clippers don’t have any real fans. If Kawhi has a perfect series and the Playoffs continue to be solid, then the Clippers will have a good chance of moving on. Kawhi stands by himself as the best player left in the western conference, which means that the Clippers will never be fully out of this series. Unfortunately, no team had ever had more momentum going into a series than the Sun’s right now, so I expect the Suns to win in seven.

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