3 Yankee Players We Can Expect to See Leave in 2022

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The Yankees have been very active during the offseason, and they have sent tons of players who were seen as key players to other destinations. But players like Clint Frazier, Rougned Odor, and Tyler Wade, have all become big contributors on their new teams while the Yankees offense has been stagnating. Don’t let the record fool you, there is a lot of concern in the front office, and a lot of pressure to win, and unless some big moves are made, we can’t see that happening this year. Here are some of the players we can expect will be moved before the deadline.

Joey Gallo

Everyone in the city wants to love Joey Gallo. He’s the quintessential city kid and has given us great moments, which is why he is easily the most overrated player on the Bombers’ squad. And to those who brush off his inefficiencies and point out that this is the player we expected when we traded for him, you should know that this is easily the worst version of Gallo we’ve ever seen.

The only issue with trading Gallo is that we can’t see too many takers for him at the moment, though the Padres might be interested. They’ve shown a lot of interest in Gallo during the last deadline, and they do have some pieces that could work here. If Gallo wants to stay, he’s going to have to give us more than the 21 OPS+ he’s been giving us so far.

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Luis Medina

The Yankees have been able to scout and develop talent at the minor level, but they all seem to fizzle out when they get to the big leagues for some reason. They are definitely doing something right at the ground level, so we can’t tell if it’s simply the pressure of playing in New York that is affecting the prospects or if something is festering under the waters.

Pitchers like Deivi Garcia and Luis Gil have been disappointing this year, to say the least, and they will be off the table for most teams, but we can still see a few teams who would have interest in Luis Medina. That is if they don’t manage to ruin him come the deadline.

People have been pressuring the Yankees to be more willing to trade young prospects for years and they should consider trading Medina since he’s hot now but could easily fall off the cliff like we’ve seen with so many young Yankees on the mound over the years. 

Gleyber Torres

We can never blame a team for wanting to have depth, especially at a position as crucial as shortstop. But how valuable is “depth” when you can’t trust the second option? People were expecting Torres to bounce back after a disappointing 2019, but it’s clear that he’s still on the decline. We might not be able to get much for him, but just getting rid of him for someone younger and more promising could bring balance back to the lineup.

There’s no reason to push the panic button with the Yankees, but there is urgency. These few moves could help the Yankees stand out in the East and have a real chance at competing for a chip.