4 Quick Beginner’s Guide About Golf

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When to start, how to dress and where to look are the most important factors for those who decide to get acquainted with golf.

In recent years, golf has rapidly gained popularity and become genuinely spectacular. Players demonstrate an expressive style of play and upgrade their dress code.

This brief guide is for those who have decided to get to know the “pastime of the aristocrats” more closely or have received an invitation to a golf tournament out of the blue (they are now in vogue).


At first glance, golf is a boring and meditative sport for retirees. But try to walk 18 holes with a few clubs on your back while maintaining calm and composure with each ball stroke. The task takes work! 

By the way, before entering the real field, you need to undergo training and only after receiving a particular document on preparation can you start playing.

Such difficulties, oddly enough, do not frighten girls on the golf course, you can meet athletes of all ages and genders.

It’s never too late to start playing golf. You can join a club at six years old, or you can ─ at 46. In parallel with training, it is beneficial to watch the masters feel the drive and spirit of the game. The easiest way to do this is in competitions.

Dress code

Unlike players, there is no formal dress code for golf tournament spectators. However, everyone traditionally comes in polo shirts, shorts, skirts, mens waterproof golf jacket and sneakers. 

It is better to forget about shoes with heels immediately because it is considered as an inappropriate dress code. You need to understand that during the game, you must cross the green area around the hole and the heels will spoil the expensive lawn. Girls in such shoes on the golf course will not be allowed.

Main tournaments

All golf tournaments are divided into two categories ─ amateur and professional. Amateur ones are more reminiscent of social events with an entertainment program, where people come, among other things, for communication. However, you must watch how professionals score in severe international competitions to learn how to play.

You can see a golf battle at well-known tournaments where the top 50 world-ranking players participate. In modern golf, it is difficult to single out the top 5 players of a level close to that demonstrated by the legendary Tiger Woods.

The favorites are constantly changing, and in four days — how long a big tournament lasts — there are fewer surprises than at the World Cup.

Every athlete can get lucky, so you should not try to get to a game where eminent golfers are announced (this is both difficult and expensive). The easiest way is to choose one of the Major tournaments in which the best of the best participate. The so-called “Grand Slam” of men’s golf includes The Masters, US Open, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship.

How to watch golf

The Majors have been going on for four days. They sell subscriptions ─ for all four days or one. Novice viewers, as a rule, come to watch the final when half of the players have already been eliminated, and those who have shown the best result remain.

Tickets are sold at the entrance and give out a map-map of the golf course, which will keep you from getting lost. The diagram lets you understand how the holes are located to choose the best place to watch the game.

It is necessary to prepare for everyone on the golf course ─ both athletes and spectators ─ moving on foot.

Observing one group of players is only necessary once it has completed all 18 holes. You can choose one hole and follow how different groups pass it for some time. At some tournaments, the organizers set up seating near the most scenic holes where you can watch other players and learn how to count their shots.

The ideal option for a beginner is to come to the game accompanied by an avid golfer who will comment and sort through everything that happens on the course.

Of course, only not during a strike: golf requires maximum concentration from an athlete, and etiquette requires spectators to be utterly silent while swinging the club and, in general, to behave quieter than water, lower than grass.

Four to five hours should be allotted for viewing time — this is how long the classic 18-hole game lasts. Those who have never held a club in their hands before can quickly get bored with this activity.

In this case, various interactive entertainments are usually provided — for example, mini-tournaments are organized for guests. By the way, there is an additional Pro-Am day before the big tournaments, when golf lovers are allowed to play with famous players ─ those who will participate in the tournament. 

Of course, it is challenging to break into the number of the chosen ones, and this pleasure costs a lot of money.