6 Strategies for Creating an Elite Fantasy Hockey Team

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Whether you’re looking at drafting one team for the entire year or participating in NHL daily fantasy games, there are strategies to consider to help you create an elite team.

Fantasy hockey is an exciting way to stay engaged with the game and maybe even win a few bucks off of it. However, if you want to be successful, there are a few strategies to keep in mind.

We came up with six strategy points to consider to help you create an elite fantasy hockey team.

Research Before Drafting

If you’re ready to take your fantasy team to the next level and be serious with it, you’ll need to research as much as you can. Preparing for the hockey season and building your fantasy team doesn’t randomly happen. Those who are the most successful put in a lot of research before and during the season.

While research, spend time focusing on the league you’re in (what the rules are), player reports, upcoming stars to watch for, injury reports, and changes happening with the players. By researching, not only does that provide information for making your picks, but it helps prevent you from getting caught off guard with anything unexpected.

Pick Well-Rounded Players

Although you want to have the stars that are top scorers or who provide the best defense, you also need those who can fill basically every position when required. These well-rounded players can help bring a team together, motivate the ice, and can jump into any position when needed.

Focus on Your Goaltender

Don’t leave your goaltender to your last pick. Some like to pick their goaltender first, so they have the money to get the best one.

It doesn’t matter if you have top scoring players who get a goal for each game. If your goaltender lets in a goal every couple of shots, you’re now solely relying on the players to keep up. Spend the money on a top goaltender to give your fantasy team the best chance of winning.

It’s Not About Picking Your Favorite Team

When building your fantasy team, it’s easy to look at your home team and favorite players. However, you’re likely bias to those players and can sometimes be blinded from their downfalls.,

Although it may feel like you’re cheating on your home team, try to look at every player at an equal level. Your favorite player may not be the best player to use this year.

Be Ready for Anything

As the season progresses, you must be ready for basically anything. Injuries happen. Trades occur. Players hit a wall and start losing their stardom. If you’re not paying attention to these things, you could get stuck with players who aren’t playing that will lose you points.

Don’t Let It Consume You

On the other hand, although you should be prepared and researching throughout the season, don’t let your fantasy team consume your entire life. Remember that it’s still a game as not to take away the fun of it.

Ready to draft an elite fantasy hockey team? Have fun and involve your friends for a bit of friendly competition.