7 NBA Stars Who Started Playing Basketball Late

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Description: As a rule, athletes start their careers at an early age to succeed. What about the players who got sports in high school? Learn 7 NBA stars who started their basketball career late.

7 NBA Stars Who Started Playing Basketball Late

The NBA players started their basketball career at an early age. As a rule, parents made them love this sport to start a professional career in the future. Some young players spend their childhood practicing basketball to get into the NBA. But, unfortunately, only a few of them can realize their dream.

A number of NBA players could make a successful career, even though they started playing late. If you think of starting a sports career, but only the age confuses you, put aside reading edubirdie reviews for a while, and find out the 7 NBA basketball players who started their career late.

Dennis Rodman

This basketball player is one of the most dominant players. The prominent defender has won two championship titles while playing in the Detroit Pistons and the Chicago Bulls. Rodman started playing basketball in high school. In one of the interviews, Roadman confessed he couldn’t even score a simple layup. Dennis made his league debut at age 25.

Dirk Nowitzki

This guy was clumsy and slow, so nobody expected he would become an NBA player. At the same time, Dirk started playing basketball at the age of 13. As a result, he could become the greatest shooter among the big men in NBA history and grew into one of the most productive scorers that ever played in the league.

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Tim Duncan

Tim is one of the greatest basketball players of the 21st century. It’s tough to find such a stable, selfish, and excellent player as he is. Duncan works hard from match to match, from season to season, without requiring any attention or encouragement from the basketball community.

When he was 15, Duncan took his first basketball ball and started playing for the school team. Gradually, he started making progress. His game attracted a lot of universities and colleges from all over America, and “Wake Forest” offered the young player a sports scholarship. Duncan combined various game aspects and this style helped him and his team show good results in the NCAA.

Joel Embiid

This Cameroonian played his first basketball game when he was 15. The Scouts noticed his talent due to the one basketball TV program. Joel had never thought about becoming a basketball player before showing up in the TV program and preferred to play volleyball and hoped to make a volleyball career. Now Embiid is one of the most potential basketball players in the world.

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Mark Eaton

After graduating from high school, Eaton went to the vocational school to become a car mechanic. Having got a labor occupation, Mark moved to Anaheim, where he started working at the auto shop.  Three years later, Mark met his customer, Tom Lubin. Tom was an assistant head coach at a small college in California. He was the one who offered Mark to try his hand at basketball. Later, Eaton received an offer from UCLA, and, of course, he accepted it.

Hakeem Olajuwon

Until Hakeem reached the age of 16, he was interested only in soccer and handball. It was soccer that helped the guy in his legs work and body balance in the future. At the age of 16, Hakeem was invited to take part in a basketball tournament. A basketball coach noticed him and told Hakeem’s parents that their son might have a good career, but he will remain only a promising one in Nigeria.

The future basketball players started to train hard and achieved good results in professional sports. Later, Hakeem’s parents sent him to America, where Houston College was waiting for him. The young player impressed the coach, Guy Lewis, and the coach accepted the young player into his team.

Dikembe Mutombo

Until he was 17 years old, Dikembe was interested in soccer, and he couldn’t have imagined himself except on the soccer field. But once his elder brother offered Dikembe to play basketball.  In the first game, Mutombo hurt his chin and told his brother that he would never play this “stupid game” again.

But after a couple of weeks, Mutombo’s brother persuaded Dikembe to play again. And, thus, the basketball adventure of one of the best defensive players in the league started. Mutombo started playing in the African League and achieved excellent results and got a sports scholarship from Georgetown. Mutombo debuted in the NCAA at the age of 21 and achieved good performance at once.