8 Simple Tips for Becoming A Professional Online Gambler

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Believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to make not only a reasonable amount of money from online betting, but also to make a living. When you break away from your day job and finally start seeing enough money coming in from online gambling to support you and potentially your family, it’s an incredible feeling. It takes a while to get there, though, and a lot is potentially required of you before you can start.




Yes, you can’t simply walk into online gambling and expect to start making a living. The road to becoming a professional is long, arduous, and not always successful. In order to make it as a professional bettor, you’ll need a number of different characteristics that not everybody has initially. It’ll take work, time, and dedication to build up the resilience and skillset to become an online betting professional, but you can do it. Here are 8 simple tips for becoming a professional online gambler.


Be certain this is what you want to do


As you might expect, the profession of online gambling and betting is a fairly fickle one. You might find that your income isn’t consistent from day to day. As such, you should be certain that this is the profession you want. Take some time to set up practice accounts and play some online casino games in your spare time. Use platforms like CasinoHEX Finland to look around and try some casino sites out for fun. If you find that you like it – and that you’re good at it – then you could consider pursuing it as a career.


Learn about different types of betting


Single bets, accumulators, lucky 15 bets, Trixie bets…there are lots of different kinds of bets out there. It’s not as simple as just putting money down on a horse race, a football game, or even an esports match, and expecting everything to go swimmingly. If you’re going to be a professional, you’ll need to know your terminology inside and out. Sports betting, online casino gaming, and other betting platforms all have their own terminology, too, so whatever your specialty is, you need to know it inside and out if you want to be pro.


Don’t expect to be great overnight


If you’ve dabbled in casino gaming or online betting before, you probably think it looks easy and that there isn’t a trick to it. Unfortunately, it can often take many weeks, months, and even years before you’re skilled enough as a bettor to consistently make profits, and even then you may not be able to always turn bets into money. There are many intricacies to all the ways bettors can make money online, and it will take you a lot of time to learn them all, no matter which part of the industry you’re most interested in.


Don’t think of it as luck-based


There’s still some debate around right now concerning whether gamblers are lucky or skilled. The truth is probably that there’s a bit of both involved in being a great online gambler, but it’s mostly a skill-based profession, believe it or not. The best gamblers employ strategies that allow them to win again and again, and even if they don’t win every single round of their chosen game – usually poker or blackjack – they know how to arrange it so that the overall arc of their play is in their favour.


Never run out of money


There are many horror stories out there about people who’ve allowed themselves to run into debt as a result of online gambling. If you don’t want that to be you, then make sure you always have a bedrock of money, a baseline beyond which you don’t go when you’re betting. Don’t place massive bets and don’t take unnecessary risks. If you run out of money, you’ll quickly realise that money is one of the most important assets of a pro gambler’s professional life; without it, you can’t really do your job.


Stay cool and collected


No matter what might happen – no matter how many losses you might incur in a row – it’s very important to stay calm, cool, and collected while you play. If you sense that things aren’t going your way, rather than panicking and deciding to play just a couple more deciding games, walk away immediately and keep your cool. If you allow panic to cloud your judgement, you’re only going to make increasingly worse decisions, so making sure you can stay calm is paramount to your success.


Pick your games carefully


Depending on what type of betting you’ve chosen to engage with, it’s important to make sure you pick the kind of games you’re playing or betting on very carefully. Do you have an innate understanding around the rules of tennis? If so, you might want to make this your betting focus and learn all about tennis betting rather than casting a broader net. Similarly, if you’re looking to get involved with esports betting, it might be best to focus on a single game rather than trying to understand the fairly labyrinthine rules associated with lots of different titles.


Always remember to have fun


When it’s not fun anymore, you should immediately stop, even if it’s your profession. Gambling can get addictive, and the last thing you want is to damage your personal or mental health because of your job. If you live with loved ones, ask them to monitor you if you don’t trust yourself; otherwise, it’s important to set up guidelines and protective measures to stop you from falling too far. If you feel addiction setting in, seek help before it gets too bad.