A Look At The Summer Hockey Schedule

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With the NHL season ending on the 29th of April, the beginning of the summer will be made for the Stanley Cup, as one of the most exciting periods of the hockey season. But that doesn’t mean the rest of the summer won’t be just as exciting – after the Stanley Cup, fans can immerse themselves in the off-season events like the NHL entry draft, where the most exciting, upcoming names will be chosen for teams across the US and Canada, as well as Free Agency, which sees players at the end of their contracts moving to other teams. There is plenty of excitement to be had in the world of NHL this summer and you can keep up to date with everything you need to know with Midnite Sports Betting.

Stanley Cup

Playoffs are held from May 2nd to the 30th of June and can result in some of the most exciting games in the NHL season as teams battle it out to win the prestigious Stanley Cup. The final this year was between the Colorado Avalanche and Tampa Bay lightning, where Colorado came from behind in the second period for Lehkonen to score and put his team ahead. Avalanche won the cup for the first time since 2001, to take the hopes of a third consecutive title from under the nose of Tampa Bay. As the cup playoffs come to a close, the draft will be the next area of focus for NHL fans everywhere.

NHL Draft

The 2022 NHL Draft will begin on the 7th of July and is expected to be one of the most exciting in recent memory. A few things that we might expect to see in the draft this year could include Shane Wright being the number one pick after being awarded the exceptional player status in 2019-20 as a mere 15-year-old, although he may not be franchise-level just yet, being the sixth ever player to be allowed to enter the league, there’s no denying that big things are coming his way.

It’s not just Shane Wright that will be making waves in the draft this season, Logan Cooley could be about to give him a run for his money. Almost making it ahead of Wright earlier in the season when he was said to be ‘struggling’, Cooley thrives in the offensive and defensive zone, making him someone that everyone wants on their team, and the ice. All eyes will be on the NHL draft this summer.

Free Agents

Shortly after the NHL draft, we have the Free Agency to follow on the 13th of July when the market to sign free agents will officially begin. This year, the free-agent class isn’t filled with notable names, but there are still a few players worth keeping an eye on when the free agency begins, such as Johnny Gaudreau of the Calgary Flames who could be looking to move to an American team next season and has been linked to the Philadelphia Flyers and the New Jersey Devils.

As well as Gaudreau, it is worth looking out for Bryan Rust, currently playing for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who believes he has played to a higher standard than his contract has said and could likely leave the team during the free agency period to look for new prospects in 2023.