Beginner’s Guide To The Football Index – How Does It Work?

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Perhaps you are a bettor who like bets such as for over 2.5 goals scored. Or maybe you have, a good eye for a wager or maybe you are the envy of your mates when it comes to sitting pretty at the top of your fantasy football league, or perhaps you are the authority on football quizzes down the pub, no matter what your interest in footy, you are guaranteed to love the Football Index. This great concept brings together betting, football knowledge and a good dollop of fun to provide you with yet another way to enjoy the beautiful game. You may have heard of the idea, you may know people who are already loving it. Don’t worry, we are here to get you started with our beginner’s guide to the Football Index and answer the question: how does it work?

The concept is simple. You buy and sell shares in the players that you love to watch each week. Just like you do when filling in accas and goal predictions, you need to follow the form and the headlines and make a decision about who is about to get hotter and who is going off the boil!

Making money

First of all, you need to remember that unlike live betting and betting on game outcomes, the Football Index is a long term betting strategy and requires patience and interest that lasts for longer than the duration of a single match. Winnings are paid out as dividends, and these come in four forms: media, in play, team of the months and  trading profit. The ultimate aim is to buy and sell players who will earn you dividends.

Buying players

Simply search the index for the player you wish to buy and select how many shares you want to purchase. You then have two options – buy shares, or place a bid. When buying shares you pay the share price listed and take ownership of your shares. However, if you want to bid the process is a bit lengthier and you are not guaranteed to get the shares that you bid for at the price you want. 

Selling players

When selling players you can elect to list them straight to the market (a good idea if there is clear profit to be made and you need a quick turnaround on your investment), or you can put them up to auction and wait for players to bid. 


Share prices are driven by what happens on the pitch and are linked to a player’s potential. Up and coming players tend to offer better returns as they progress and look to be signed by bigger and bigger clubs. More well established players are less lucrative investment options as they are more predictable and consistent in their performance. It is all about keeping a close eye on the game’s youth and newcomers and being able to spot talent quicker than others. 

The Football Index offers a new and exciting way to bet on football and means that the fun of betting transcends match day.