Does the Mavericks’ NBA Title Dreams Rely on Doncic Getting Help Before the Trade Deadline?

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Luka Dončić has so far had an impressive season with the Dallas Mavericks, but to improve their NBA title dreams, he needs more help.
Luka Dončić is currently having a phenomenal season at the Dallas Mavericks; the stats don’t lie. He’s also currently the second odds-on favourite player to win the NBA MVP (Most Valuable Player) award, which is now called the Michael Jordan Trophy.
However, he can’t do it all alone. To improve his chances of winning the MVP award, the Playoffs and the NBA Championship, he needs help, but who can the Mavericks trade before deadline day on Thursday, February 9th? Learn more right here.
Who is Luka Dončić?
Luka Dončić is a men’s professional basketball player. At the time of writing, he’s one of the Dallas Mavericks’ best players, competing in the Western Conference of the NBA. The 23-year-old point guard wears the number 77 shirt, and he was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in February 1999.
He was drafted into the Mavericks as the third overall pick of the first round in the 2018 NBA draft, and since playing for them, he has won multiple awards.
What are the chances of the Dallas Mavericks winning the NBA Championship with Dončić
To better understand how likely it is that Dončić can help guide the Dallas Mavericks to an NBA Championship title, the best thing to do would be to look at the odds from today’s best online sports betting websites.
For example, if you go to sites such as Comeon sportsbook, you will see that the Mavericks are currently only the 12th odds-on favourite team to win the NBA Championship outright.
They are priced at 3,000 in American/moneyline odds with only a 3.2% implied probability rate of winning. This is the same as saying 31.00 in European decimal odds and 30/1 in UK fractional odds.
In comparison, the current odds-on favourite team to win, the Boston Celtics, are priced at 400 (which is 5.00, or 4/1). This means they have a 20.00% chance of winning. Don’t forget that although the odds may sometimes seem certain to occur, no bets are ever guaranteed.
What about Dončić’s chances of winning the MVP (Michael Jordan Trophy) award?
The odds are looking much better for him to win the MVP this season. He’s currently the second odds-on favourite at 400 (5.00, or 4/1) with a 20.00% chance of winning, which is behind the odds-on favourite, Nikola Jokic.
He is priced at -122 (41/50, or 1.82), with a 54.90% chance of winning. However, Dončić can easily improve upon these odds. He just needs the right kind of help to do this.
Which players could the Dallas Mavericks sign to help Dončić?
Dončić has been working his hardest to carry the Mavericks, but he can only do so much. He has helped them get up to fifth in the division, but he will need help to take them further and boost his own average scores to help him with that all-important MVP award.



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