Do’s and Don’ts of a Slot Machine

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Slot machines have a special place in casinos. Not only that, with the advent of internet casinos and technological advancements, you can experience the feel of playing on a slot machine in your house. Sometimes a casino is far away or inaccessible, or you’re just too busy and tired to go, you can just get to the casino website and start playing. With 3D graphics, better sound quality, and secure processing, you can replicate the fun you have in a land-based casino. Slot machines don’t require extensive knowledge; if you want to win, you need to play. However, some players say that if you can understand the pattern of a machine, you can come home with a hefty amount. Whatever may be the case, you can pass your time with much more fun.



Bet maximum for jackpots:

In progressive jackpots, an amount of your bet is added to the final amount of jackpot. Though it depends on machines, in some games you’re eligible for the jackpot and in others;you need to bet the highest amount to be eligible for the jackpot. In three-reel slot machines, your bet should be high; in a three-coin-dollar slot machine, if you want to win, you need to bet more than two coins. You will get a higher pay-off. Some video slots are eligible for all players. Make sure that the amount you’re betting makes you eligible for the jackpot.

Don’t spend it all:

The outcome of slot machines can be unprecedented. Be sure about your bankroll and don’t end up losing the money which you were not supposed to. Sometimes, losses are inevitable, and slot machines are not aloof from them. Choose the games that are in your budget and don’t bet the money that was not meant for it. It’s better to decide before playing the game about how much money you are going to spend and understand every scenario. With every spin in the game, the tables turn, and odds are stacked in your favor. Within a second, it can make you a winner.

Bet small:

If you’re going to play a slot machine, start your bet with a small amount and let it eventually grow bigger. With every spin, the chances either grow or narrow down; you need to put your bet and understand how you are going to play it. Place a small bet and work it up big and hope to get big and until you win a massive amount.



Don’t think machines are hot and cold:

The machines don’t have a single pattern of how they work. Whether you bet on machines that have made big pay-outs or those who haven’t, they’re all the same. You cannot guess a machine that’s been hot will remain hot, or a cold machine is due to be hot. Anything can happen in a game. They are programmed in such a random order that they operate quite the same. There is no way to know how they will perform. You will need to wish that it performs for you. Choose a machine that you like and hope you go back with a jackpot. Or if you are unsure about how to handle the slot machine rightfully, engage in one of those online casino games offered by

Don’t do a string:

In older times, all slot machines came with coin slots. Some cheats would usually tie a string to the coin, drop it in the machine, play the game and pull it back out. This way, they would use the same coin again and again. Some people pulled it off, but others were not that lucky. Today the machines only accept paper and tickets and are designed in such a way that it’s impossible to cheat the mechanism.

Take a pause and don’t speed up:

Take breaks between the sessions. Don’t speed up your game because it’ll usually take the fun out of it. Nobody is going to jump into your machine. Go to the buffet or get something to drink, if you’re hungry. Nobody is going to hit the jackpot that was meant for you. The machine will not hit the sequence that was meant to be hit by you. So, rest a little and come back.

Don’t Ignore the Online Slots and Games

You would be the person who prefers a real-time challenge with the machine to hit the lever. But online casinos have more than what you think they have in store. Trying your luck on the online platforms is always a great idea for the gamblers since offers and bonuses are way more than you can expect. Pay attention to the updates of every new casino that enters the online arena. Keep up with the gambling world within those screens to redeem the signup bonuses and various other benefits that are beyond the scope of land-based casinos. You shouldn’t also be confined to the online casinos for slots when there are plenty of other games to be explored.

Go for the Free Slots

Unlike the freeroll of poker that you find in the land-based casinos, free slot machine games work only in the online casinos. Frequent gamblers would have a clear idea about how much money a slot machine extracts as its fuel. Online slots have incorporated this option only to generate more players in the process and to expand their platform. You would be provided with points for playing the slot machines, which can be redeemed either as your winnings or can be used for other games. A monthly or weekly prize would also come your way, depending on the points you earn.


Slots are much fun, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves that it’s not the whole of casino but a little part of the full package. But it’s fun to do a slot machine and quite easy to play it. All things considered, if you’re a lover of the machines, you need to keep something in mind and avoid doing things like not taking a break and speeding up. Playing is more fun when organized better.