Fastest 40-yard dash: Bo Jackson, Tyreek Hill among fastest NFL players ever

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Which one runs the fastest 40-meter run? The newest NFL players come to The NFL Scouting Combine every year to see who is the fastest. While having an impressive 40-yard dash time is not necessarily guaranteed to succeed – many of the most iconic games players have illuminated the timer in dazzling colours. Find the fastest 40 times of all the NFL history by looking into NFL records and other sources.

Kalon Barnes runs second-fastest 40-yard dash ever at NFL Scouting Combine

Unlike Tyquan Thornton, the official 40-yard time was reduced by the NFL when Barnes had first set
the record. Baylor’s cornerback ran in the second half Sunday at the end of the 2023 NFL Scouting
combine. Barnes has now reached the 40-minute mark of the NFL Scouting Combine, second fastest
since John Ross. Currently a fast-moving stopwatch at the NFL Combine in 2022 prompted buzz as
Tyquan Thompson seemed to set the new record. The NFL said on Thursday that in addition to
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Fastest 40-yard dash times in NFL history

Having a fast-paced player does not make one great at all, as demonstrated by Tom Brady’s 50 – second time. It’s a lot of amazing tales, like the reported Darrell Green running 4.2 times during his 40-yard run at training camp. This list is designed to examine the number of fastest 40-yard distances recorded. List all time fastest 40 m hurdles.

Jerome Mathis, former Houston Texans wide receiver

NFL fans will not recognise Jeremiah Mathis. The NFL Drafter in 2006 was a third-round pick. But he definitely isn’t among the draft busts with an incredible 40-yard sprint time. As an avid track athlete in Virginia, Mathis became a re-entry specialist during his collegiate career. He clocked 4.66 40 times in 2005, the biggest mark in the NFL. Although he lasted only three seasons with the NFL in 2005 – 2007 he received the All-Pro honor in his rookie year for kicking back. Soon afterwards he was struck by injuries and arrested.

Chris Olave, former Ohio State wide receiver

Many people faced Ohio State wide receiver Chris Olave during the brilliant 4-year career at Ohio State and the 6-foot-1 passcatcher knows the 6-foot-2 receiver will turn his flames off. NFL teams who saw Olav perform in Indianapolis at the NFL Scouting Combine Wednesday evening saw the situation first-hand. It is believed that the first-place winner is the best 40-metre sprint time for a long-time tournament in history. His time was 4.27 and tied Jerome Mathis and Dri Archer for fifth-fastest 40-yard relay time.

Fabian Washington, former Raiders cornerback

Watch what players have the quickest 40 yards of dash time and you will notice a tendency. Many were Raider draftees. Al Davis liked drafting players that lighted up stop-watches, posting fastest 40-minute time and Fabian Washington belongs in it. Washington was the No. 23 selection in the 2005 NBA Draft and had the fastest football cornerback ever. Washington had no success at the 2006 NFL Scouting Combine, and played only 81 games over six seasons.

Tyreek Hill, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver

Tyreek Hill is currently one of the NFL’s fastest players. Frankly, he could be the best receiver in 2022. Hill has been suspended from the upcoming NFL Scouts Combine due to a violent domestic incident. Several players rushed to Hill on the West Alabama Pro Day. No defensive back has a chance at his speed today which could be a nightmare.

Dri Archer, former Pittsburgh Steelers running back

College football fans remember Dr. Archer. Throughout their last two seasons he had become popular in Kent State particularly. Archer has been invited into the NFL Combine for the last two seasons, completing 284 scrimmage yards with 719 kicking yards. Almost everyone was on his side when he completed 4.26 from 40 yards. Archer has been selected in just 20 games in the NFL Draft but never had a snap since 2015.

Deion Sanders, Hall of Fame cornerback

There’s a legend behind many fast 50 yard / 60-yard sprints. It’s unsurprising that Donald Sanders is so sensationally well respected in the United Nations. The NFL Combine record was set in 1989 for the 40-yard run. Upon entering the stadium, he ran 4.27 ahead of the team before jumping out of the buildings to the left. It has all been rediscovered.

John Ross, New York Giants wide receiver How fast are NFL footballers today? The corresponding title belongs to the 40-yard dash. All who stayed tuned in for the 2018 NFL Combine thought we might have history in hand. And so, the incident happened. The Clocks have said that Ross has the highest official rankings. Unfortunately, Cincinnati didn’t get NFL success.

Stanford Routt, former Raiders cornerback

How much do people think Al Davis picked his players up for the 40th time in his career? The Stanford Routts are two members of the 2005 NFL draft class. No defenseman has ever played in Pro Bowls in career. But Routt was drafted by the Oakland Raiders for nine seasons and started 113 games in 2010.