Flames vs Devils preview (11/06/22)

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The Calgary Flames and New Jersey Devils battle it out in this matchup, and if the last game between these two is anything to go by, we could be in for a real treat. The Devils met their match against the Flames in the last campaign, with Matthew Tkachuk starring with two assists and one goal in a 6-3 victory for the Flames.

Going into that game, most bookmakers considered the Flames the favorites. One of the reasons for this was the quality of their star player, Matt Tkachuk. However, Tkachuk has moved on to pastures new and now plies his trade for the Florida Panthers. This could prove crucial in this season’s matchup and is reflected in the bookmakers’ odds, which are closer for this match than in the previous clash. As we move towards this season’s match, you can find more information about this and other NHL games and take a look at how to get GIFT stats.

Despite losing a crucial player, the Flames won’t believe they have been shortchanged. They have brought in several replacements, some of whom are very high quality. For example, Jonathan Huberdeau is now on their roster, and in August, he signed the largest NHL contract in the history of the sport. In addition to this, they have also snapped up MacKenzie Weegar and Cole Schwindt as part of a huge trade with the Florida Panthers.

All these new faces may need some time to gel in the Flames setup. Granted, they all possess the quality to some degree, especially the likes of Huberdeau. He is one player who has consistently proved he is one of the top NHL players – you only need to take a look at some of the records he has broken for the Panthers in the nine years he played there.

It feels like Groundhog Day regarding the New Jersey Devils and their goals for the upcoming season. It seems like it’s a pivotal campaign for them. However, isn’t this what gets said at the start of every season? There are several different variables up in the air at the moment for the East Coast-based team, and it could make or break them. With Tom Fitzgerald and Lindy Ruff’s jobs both in jeopardy, this could drive the Devils to perform out of their skin. Of course, it could also go the other way.

Then you have Alex Holtz, who is looking to prove himself, along with the likes of Simon Nemec. Also throw in the more experienced players like Sharangovich and Bratt – the European duo are looking to find some solid ground and land more stable contracts at the Devils. Only by performing in these types of games will they be able to do that. Add the fact that there are multiple free agents they could be forced to say goodbye to at the end of the season, and it’s a real test for the Devils.

The Colorado Avalanche lead the pack when it comes to favorites for the 2023 Stanley Cup. While there were some whispers that the Devils could make a spirited effort, and of course, it is where they want to get to ideally, they’re behind some of the bigger names in the sport. It would be less of a surprise if the Flames put together an inspired run during the playoffs. Still, they need to make sure that the new faces in the team settle in quickly and that the loss of Tkachuk doesn’t cause too much disruption in the dressing room.

The players will likely look to use his loss to their advantage, and the Flames have more than enough quality players to take the win in this one. It is still early in the season and anything could happen, but the Flames appear to have the quality and depth to defeat the Devils.

If the Devils can strike a balance on and off the pitch and get more organized, the Flames could find it a close-run game. However, we do expect the Flames to be in the conversation towards the end of the campaign. It is unlikely that the Devils will trouble the leading pack and we predict they will likely fall short due to their unrest off the pitch.

It’s difficult to see how this won’t bleed onto the pitch at some point, and against a highly organized squad like the Flames, it will probably spell defeat. However, we anticipate that this will be a lively matchup with plenty of twists and turns.