Grading Every Top 2020 NBA Rookie One Month into the 2021 Season

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After the cancellation of the summer league, slow starts and performances would have been explicable for all NBA rookies because they only had a month to prepare for the next season. However, the 2020-2021 class is already producing. This has been proved by the early lottery selections to the latest first-rounders.

The first impressions are currently out. And there’s no need to overreact to one month of action. However, it is still important to break down how every NBA rookie’s game is translating. If you are looking to grade the NBA rookies, both who are seeing limited time in their roles and those that have emerged as regular players, then no need to worry since this piece of content has got you covered. 

With the grades on this page, you can have the best pick’em weekly 6 options. And all the grades are relative to expectations depending on where every aspect was chosen.

Anthony Edwards (SG, No.1 Pick, Minnesota Timberwolves)

Coming off the bench of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Anthony Edwards leads all NBA rookies when it comes scoring. He has had some positive takes to the paint and rim buckets. Although Anthony’s shot has been unpredictable, he has hit 16 threes in 11 league games.

Since scoring 18 points in 22 minutes against Utah Jazz in his second game, he has shot 34.5% from the field. Anthony is struggling in terms of the dribble-jumper game with a rate of 18.2%. He had some trouble executing at Georgia with a rate of 28.6%. A section of this has to do with being overconfident and settling too much on the hero shorts.

Anthony Edwards has been excellent at shooting off the catch with a rate of 34.5%, which is vital and something that he will need to improve on as he adapts to the new roles that need more spotting up. His overall grade is B-. 

LaMelo Ball (PG, No.3Pick, Charlotte Hornets)

With only 25.2 minutes per NBA game as the bench spark of the Charlotte Hornets, LaMelo Ball leads in rebounds, steals, and assists. With 11.8 points per single game, he ranks second. And despite the questions about his ability to shot and score, he’s providing solutions with 1.6 threes per single game and craft finishes. 

His signature passing is what continues to separate LaMelo Ball. Unselfishness, IQ, vision, and accuracy have resulted in a 38.3 percentage assist that ranks position 8 in the NBA. LaMelo’s value on the ground basically revolves around his ability for creating quality looks for other players. With that in mind, his grade is A-.

Saddiq Bey (SF/PF No.19 Pick, Detroit Pistons)

Saddiq Bey is averaging 10 points in 21.9 minutes per single game despite making only seven two-point field goals across the season. He has been a purely shooting specialist as well as a floor spacer, hitting 42.6% of his threes and a total of 26 in 11 games. Inside 10 feet, Saddiq has only shot 28.6% while providing 8 assists across the season, which indicates that he is lacking explosiveness. Saddiq Bey’s overall grade is B. 

Tyrese Haliburton (PG/SG, No.12 Pick, Sacramento Kings)

 Tyrese has emerged as an NBA rookie of the year. With a total of 64 assists to only 15 turnovers, Tyrese has lived to his performance and reputation as a high-quality decision-maker. 

He has outstanding passing skills and IQ, averaging 5.3 assists per game, despite spending most of his time at shooting guard. Tyrese is efficient when it comes to playmaking opportunities and touches. He has a shooting percentage of 51.6 from floor and 51.0 from three. His average grade is A+.

Isaiah Joe (SG, No. 49 Pick Philadelphia 76ers)

Isaiah’s overall grade is B+. He is averaging 1.90 threes in 19.10 minutes per single game. Isaiah has provided the Philadelphia 76ers with a shooting specialist option as well as a capable defender. Having totalled 12 assists and four two-point field goals, he has not offered much else.