How Japan became the first Asia’s football leader

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Japan is one of the best teams in the world. It plays very well and it definitely values the game, something that’s highly important. Of course, along the years a lot has changed for the team to become highly known and one of the best.


How it happened: The resumed story


In the start of the 90s the Japan team was really having trouble with the FIFA’s world ranking. All of this because the stadiums were crumbling and the crowds barely existed. As a contrast, the Japanese economy was growing a lot. It was in May that there was a game that changed everything: the Verdy Kawasaki versus Yokohama Marinos in the J-League, and this was one of the best moments regarding sports in Asia. Very Kawasaki won 2-1 for Marinos.


Football in Japan became more popular and there were new clubs, new backers, who were keen to ride this wave of popularity it didn’t take long until the big names of this sport were targeted in order to raise the game’s profile and also to increase interest.


It was within 3 years of the professional league’s first game that Japan surged up the international rankings and there were about 20,000 people in their games. All of this was very good until there was an economic crisis, which threatened this game.


However, it was during this period that J-League proved that it wasn’t all about the money deals and profile signings. The Japanese FA had started to think long-term and also to plan about the national game that involved a highly ambitious vision of a league that consisted of a league that has 100 full-time clubs. Plus, they also wanted to win the World Cup by 2092.


There is a partnership between three very important parties: Japan Football Association (JFA), The Japan Foundation Asian Center and also Japan Professional Football League (known as J-League). This partnership was signed in November 2014 regarding to further a collaboration and cooperation between them. These organizations do their best in order to learn from each other and also to share their experiences, which is essential when it comes to football.


The future of football


Japan has been home to many World Cups and has even co-hosted some of them, one with South Korea in 2002. The J-League has become one of the most known and privileged leagues in the world, which is completely normal. Compared to a lot of South American ones, they’re incredibly impressive.


When it comes to the future of football in this country then it’s thought that they will thrive even more.


Japan has definitely a lot of background when it comes to football, especially professionally. Unfortunately, things didn’t always have gone well but since 2000 everything changed and things changed quickly. It was a victory for this country and their teams and their national team.