How to Become an NBA Player

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When we talk about basketball, there is no more significant achievement for every young player than becoming an NBA star. This requires a lot of hard work, dedication and an understanding of the recruitment process. We are going to explain to you some of the ways in which you can end up playing in the NBA. 

College basketball

If you are playing basketball in high school and you are talented and put in enough dedication to the game, the college scouts will potentially notice you and offer you a position on their team through a scholarship, so you can play at a higher level. They will watch the games you play, analyzing your playing style to see if you are the right fit for their team and if you are, then you can have a shot at the next level of competition. 


College athletes then attend drafts for professional basketball teams. During a draft, the professional teams take turns selecting the best players from college teams. If you get the attention of a big team, you might be drafted. Keep in mind that the NBA statistics and results of your previous performances are the most important thing to them, so if you don’t show your best, they won’t consider you an option. 

Social media

When you are playing, record your games and try to show the best that you have. Use every skill you know, and play on top of your game. Then, edit the footage, showcasing your highlights that best showcase your talent and abilities. Sharing your videos on social media might seem silly, but professional scouts and coaches use social media to find talent without having to leave their homes.


The more videos you put in, the more fans you are going to get, who will share your footage, and you might end up with a meeting invitation or contract. 


Ask your coach to help you

Your coach is someone who has been in the basketball business for years, and this means it’s likely he has some connections in college and the NBA. If you have a good bond with him, and he knows what you are capable of, he can use his connections with other scouts and coaches and get things started for you. He can give them his honest opinion about your game and talent, so it is more likely for you to be noticed. 


Keeping a good relationship with your coach can help you get higher into your basketball career.  With a poor relationship, coaches might not recommend you to his connections, noting that you are not fit for college or professional teams. 

Draft Combine Training in Chicago

If you really want to get noticed during the draft, you can attend the Draft Combine Training facility in Chicago. There, they measure your height and weight and do tests for your running, strength and jumping. On top of that, you will be able to show them your abilities by doing different basketball drills.