How To Stream All NFL Content Without A Cable Subscription

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The National Football League or NFL is back and it’s almost been 3 weeks. As the season creates the hype, last year’s teams still remain our favorite- Buccaneers, Chiefs, Bills, and Packers. However, the broadcast streaming stays limited to a few networks. Amazon and FOX have the official rights to stream Thursday Night Football matches. On the other hand, NBC and ESPN carry the rights to stream Sunday Night and Monday Night Football matches respectively.

ABC has been an established streamer for Monday Night Football (MNF) games, but eventually, they shifted to ESPN in 2006. The network has made sure to provide football fans the best way to watch Monday Night Football on Firestick. Additionally, one of the longest-running prime-time sports games also consists of certain eminent games on the schedule. For instance, a doubleheader game. These matches, available on different days, also have a great influence on viewers. You can watch MNF in firestick on the official Amazon AppStore. Enter ‘ESPN’ from your home screen, and you will have everything available on your screen.

Here is a step-by-step process for watching NFL live on Firestick without a cable subscription.

Channels Needed To Watch Live NFL Games

The two options to watch NFL without cable are-

  • Sports networks- NFL Network, NFL Redzone
  • Local Channels- FOX, NBC, and CBS

Local Channels Needed To Watch Live NFL Games

Most of the games occur on Monday and Thursday, but Sunday is when the majority of games take place in just a day. NBC has reserved rights to this game, which is just one game in the whole week. Local channel streaming depends completely on your location. If you are not from the US, you can go for Vidgo and Sling TV, cheaper than the rest of the services, with the help of a VPN. It will give quite a similar streaming experience.

Top Five Ways To Watch Football Without Cable

Till now, you are aware of what channels will let you have access to NFL sport, but there is more to it that you need to know.

HDTV Antenna

Invest $10 or less on an antenna to access the local channels at a specific distance. It lets you catch signals from the nearby TV signals available which mean you can access regional affiliates of major broadcast networks like FOX, CBS, and NBC.

It permits you to see matches from other scattered television connections. If you are interested in watching the matches appearing around your area, HDTV antenna is a great way to do so, considering the single-time payment it requires.

Sling TV

It is one of the best deals at just $35 for the Sling Blue plan. It includes more than 44 channels. For all the NFL fans, you tend to get the NFL network inclusive of the plan. There are more plans for this. For instance, the Sling orange plan is worth $35 per month that includes ESPN. Another best option for you is to get a combined Blue and Orange plan for $50 per month wherein you will get ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3.


It gives you more from the sports industry beyond the NFL at $54.99. With this, you can experience the greatest of the match on many streaming players like smart TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV Roku, Mobile Devices, and more. The total number of channels is above 110, which also includes NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NFL Network, ESPN, etc. fuboTV lets you have a 7-day free trial to see if the service suits your needs.

The price of this streaming service is justified, with all the wide range of services it provides. In general, it does an excellent job at covering almost every sports event, even international sports as well.

Hulu With Live TV

You can also get a subscription of $54.99 to watch MNF games on ESPN with Hulu+. It is quite similar to fuboTV as it includes ABC, CBS, FOX, and more than 60 channels. As an added benefit, it gives you access to Hulu’s enormous collection of appealing sports original shows. However, one obtrusive absence is that you would not have an option to combine NFL and NFL Redzone with this subscription. Although the benefits it lets you access along with the high price, it is hard to consider having any second thought about it.


It is almost unbeatable for NFL games. It costs $55 per month and you get to have more than 95 channels that cover almost every different range of interests. For instance, ABC, Fox, NFL Redzone, and ESPN.

Of course! Depending on your location, you can get access to local channels. The first month of premium streaming costs $10. The only flaw is that it does not offer a DVR with the subscription.

Wrapping Up

NFL always lives up to the hype it has. So to cut the cord, the best streaming service or network subscription to watch NFL sport depends on what channels seem to be fitting your choice. Another factor is what allows your pocket. In the end, always make sure to turn on the VPN when you stream NFL content without a cable subscription.