Latest Technology in the NHL

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Latest Technology in the NHL

With the ever-increasing technology now available to assist refereeing decisions in all major sports, it seems it was only going to be a matter of time before the NHL will finally announce a much-needed introduction into the game, perhaps to enable fans to engage with odds that are available on sites such as Betway NHL Betting.

The actual technology will come in the form of trackable pucks, which will give fans and coaches alike real-time data that will help them to analyze players’ performances on the hockey pitch. Nothing new when you compare to other sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball but quite the leap forward in bringing NHL to the 21st century when it comes to sports analysis. “We’re focusing on the puck and player tracking, but what we’re talking about is much bigger than that; this data is a game-changer” said Peter DelGiacco, the chief technology officer for the NHL.

The hope for the NHL is that this will also help them to generate more money and help them to compete with other major sports, something that Dave Lehanski, who is the senior vice president of business development and global partnerships for the NHL is hoping to achieve. Speaking recently about the introduction of new technology, Lehanski said: “the NHL’s been behind the other sports with regard to the adoption of advanced metrics and analytics, we don’t have a lot of the math that supports a lot of the subjective opinions that people have.” He added that “the major upside for us is driving more engagement, and right behind that is the ability to monetize this and generate incremental revenue for us and for our clubs.”

With all 31 NHL teams vying for glory every year, a team such as the New York Rangers, which is already worth an estimated $1.65 billion even though they only won the Stanley Cup once since 1940, way back in 1994, will seek to gain from this new technology. The hope for all the major stakeholders in the NHL is that the introduction of technology will increase fan engagement and therefore drive up revenue to finally help NHL chiefs monetize their product to the next level.