2004 ALCS & NLCS

Yankees in 7

Here we go again, the Yankees and the Red Sox the match up that almost seemed written in stone at the beginning of the season. This year the Red Sox have an edge in starting pitching, but is the edge as big as it may seem? The Yankees in Pedro’s own words are his daddy, and thus that edge begins to disappear. Then there are the ghosts of Yankee Stadium which may be the most powerful factor again. On offense both teams can rack up the runs, and both teams have solid pens so what will this series come down to? Babe Ruth the curse is strong and like Wil E. Coyote the Red Sox will see the anvil fall on them again as Miguel Cario hits a walk off home run in Game 7.

Cardinals in 5

After a rugged 5-game series with the Braves the Astros pitching staff is in taters needing to use Roger Clemens and Roy Oswalt each on 3-days rest, this dose not bold well heading into the NLCS against the St. Louis Cardinals who had an easy time dispatching the Dodgers. Minus Clemens and Oswalt the Astros pitching staff is mediocre, and their bullpen is porous at best. The lineup for the Astros does match up well against most teams but not the Cardinals who can beat you just about anywhere 1-8. Unless the Astros get a big start from someone in the first 2 games and someone explodes offensively this one will be very easy for the Cards who win in 5.

Predictions Made 10/4/04 at 11:50 pm EST