2005 ALDS & NLDS

White Sox in 5

The White Sox after nearly blowing a 15-game lead recovered and finished the season on a strong not sweeping the Cleveland Indians away and keeping them out of the playoffs, while the Red Sox are tested and tough and trying to repeat. However, the two missing ingredients will match up to the Red Sox in the ALDS Sox Series as the lack of a reliable starting pitcher and a reliable closer will end up being the undoing of the Champs who are knocked out in 5 games.

Angels in 5

The Angels have always given the Yankees fits in 1998 they were the only team to win the season series against a team that won 114 games, and in 2002 they beat them in the ALDS, now comes the rematch and they will do it again as they were able to win home field in the series on the final day of the season. The series will be close it will go back and forth and will go 5 games and that will be the undoing of the Yankees who will run out of pitching as they losing the decisive final game on the road.

Cardinals in 3

The Padres are the worst team ever to make the playoffs at 82-80, while the Cardinals are a team with almost no weaknesses and the only team to win 100 games this year. You could almost say that the Padres have no prayer, and you would be right. The Padres will be luck if they win just win in this game as the Cardinals take control early and never look back on the way to an almost effortless 3-gae sweep.

Astros in 4

The Atlanta Braves rule the regular season but once the calendar hits October they turn into a Pumpkin, and against the 3 Astros aces Clemens, Pettitte and Oswalt it will happen again as the Rookie who carried the Braves in the regular season will get a cold sense of reality in the playoffs when every pitch is important and every game is a battle. Look for this to be a series of pitching duels but for the Astros bullpen to be the ultimate difference in the end.

Predictions Made 10/3/05 at 9:50 pm EST