2005 World Series

White Sox in 7

And now for something completely different… After a 15-year period in which teams like the Braves and Yankees have seemingly been regular visitors to the World Series, this years will be played in 2 cities that have not had the Fall Classic in decade. Out of the American League comes to the Chicago White Sox, whose futility is preceded only by their Wind City Rivals from the North the Cubs who have not won a World Series in 97 years while not making it to a World Series in 60 years, the White Sox wait has only been 88 years and 46 years by comparison. Still more than 2 generation of White Sox fans have grown up not knowing what it feels like to watch their team in the World Series. While out of the NL comes the Houston Astros who in their 44th year finally overcame the heartbreak of the past and reached the fall classic bringing the World Series to the Lone Star State for the first time ever.

The lack of World Series experience is not just with the fans of both teams as only a handful of players on both teams have ever played on baseball grandest stage. Among those making their first World Series visit are longtime Astros Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell who though on the downsides of their careers are still fan favorites, unfortunately longtime White Sox star Frank Thomas wont be among those playing as injuries ended his season in May. Two players who do have World Series experience are Astros aces Roger Clemens and Andy Pettitte if the Astros are going to win both must be on their game, while the White Sox coming off a dominant ALCS pitching performance in which they delivered 4 complete-game wins needs to remain sharp. For fans of true baseball this World Series will be a treat, home runs will happen but they won’t be the sole focus as taking the extra base getting down the sac bunt and advancing runners with outs will be the true offensive weapons, like it was meant to be. That is where the new “Go-Go Sox” have the advantage as Scott Podesdnick has a knack for getting on base at the start of games to give them an early lead. Look for this series to be close through out as runs will be a premium, but in the end it will come down to Game 7 as the White Sox end their 88-year drought on suicide squeeze, as Mark Buhrele is named Series MVP.

Predictions Made 10/21/05 at 9:15 pm EST