2007 ALCS & NLCS

Red Sox in 7

You can argue that this is the real World Series, since both teams posted a MLB best 96-66 record, and advanced to the ALCS, by beating Championship caliber teams in impressive fashion. Both teams are loaded with aces in the starting rotation as Josh Beckett of the Sox and C.C. Sabathia of the Indians are the top two pitchers for the AL Cy Young. Both teams have strong offenses, but with David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez both scalding the Sox may have the slight edge. In the bullpen you have to think the edge will go to the Red Sox, even though the Tribe pen shutdown the Yankees powerful lineup in the ALDS. In the 9th Inning I rather have Jonathan Papelbon any day over Joe Borowski. The series may come down to pitching and the Red Sox allowed just four runs to the Angels in the ALDS. Look for the Sox to pull out this seven game series thanks to all the factors including home field being slightly in their favor.

ALCS MVP: Jonathan Papelbon-Red Sox
Rockies in 6

Quick show of hands who hand these two teams in the NLCS at the beginning of the season. One team is young and is a year ahead of schedule the other is a ball of fire, and starting to author one of the great end of the season runs in the history of baseball, one will continue to write their story in the World Series. On paper the Diamondbacks have the big advantage in starting pitching just by being able to start Brandon Webb in Game 1, but the Rockies are so hot it may not matter, as Matt Holliday is showing just why he is considered by some a favorite for NL MVP. While the D-Backs are having trouble selling out the first two games of the NLCS, everybody in Denver has come down with Rockies fever. This should be a good series from the start but the mojo the Rockies have going is too strong to be stopped look for them to find a way to beat Webb at least once, as they take the humidor all the way to the World Series by beating the Diamondbacks in six.

NLCS MVP: Todd Helton-Rockies

Predictions Made 10/10/07 at 10:10 pm EST