2008 ALCS & NLCS

Rays in 6

The Rays should know that the Red Sox are the defending World Champions; that they are just a nice upstart team, that they are not supposed to be here, but they don’t. The Rays are too dumb to know. Too dumb to know they were supposed to be a .500 team before they contended; too dumb to know they were supposed to fade in the second half. Isn’t youth grand? The Rays can’t be intimidated; they stood right up to the Red Sox with the division on the line in September and took four of six to win the division. Now they meet again with the World Series on the line. The Rays have that type of team that is just on a magical ride and it won’t end now, these are not the same Red Sox that won the World Series and these Rays won’t be intimidated like the Angels were. Look for it to be a close series all the way with each team winning in the other’s team park at least once, but in the end it will be the Rays taking four out of six again, this time to go the Fall Classic.

ALCS MVP B.J. Upton, Rays
Dodgers in 7

In August the Dodgers and Phillies took turns with four game sweeps at home, by then Manny Ramirez was a Dodger and team was beginning to gel into a World Series contender. If any series has a chance to be an all home field series it is this one, with the Dodgers pitchers having a better chance to get the Phillies mashers out in the pitcher friendly Dodger Stadium, as opposed to the Phone Booth sized dimensions at Citizen’s Bank Park. The Dodgers might have a slight advantage in known winners with Manager Joe Torre, and Manny, but the Phillies lineup can seemingly overcome any deficit. Look for this to be a long series, with momentum switching back and forth a few times. In the end Manny will be Manny and the Dodgers will be going back to the Fall Classic for the first time in twenty years, as the series goes the full seven games.

NLCS MVP Manny Ramirez

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