2009 ALDS & NLDS

Yankees in 3

The Yankees traditionally dominate the Twins, and 2009 was no different as they won all seven regular season match up. The Twins did get to the playoffs by winning 17-of-21, including their heart stopping win in the tie breaker over the Tigers, but that playoff has their already thin pitching staff in tatters as they face the best line up in baseball. The Yankees also have a solid pitching staff, and if the Twins are to pull off the upset they will need to win at least one game at Yankee Stadium, and beat CC Sabathia at least one time. There is not enough Metrodome magic for that to happen, look for it to be over quickly as the Yankees sweep the Twins in three straight.

Red Sox in 4

This is the third straight year that the Red Sox and Angels are meeting in the ALDS, and the fifth time since 2004. All the previous four meetings did not end well for the Angels, and when you go back to the 1986 ALCS, the Red Sox have overall won 12 of their last 13 postseason games against the Halos. Trends like that are too hard to ignore. The Red Sox for one reason or another in the Angels heads. However, in the match-ups which are the most important factors, the Sox hold a decided advantage in that they have a better line up, better starting staff, and a better bullpen. If the Angels are going to solve the Sox, they will need to get the jump and win the first two games in Anaheim.

Cardinals in 4

The Dodgers may have posted the best record in the National League, but they are sputtering as they hit the playoffs, as their starting rotation was shaky down the stretch. The Dodgers best pitcher for most of the season was Chad Billingsly and he is a question mark at the start of the playoffs, and likely won’t start until Game 4. Before the Dodgers get to a Game 4 they will be starting Randy Wolfe, Clayton Kershaw, and Vincente Padilla. Against two Cy Young candidates in Chris Carpenter, and Adam Wainwright things won’t look too good for the boys and blue. Meanwhile Manny Ramirez has struggled down the stretch, while the Cardinals line up is anchored by Albert Pujols. Against those odds the Dodgers may be lucky just to win one game.

Phillies in 5

This might be the best match up of the Division Series round, as the defending World Champion Phillies face the Rockies who are in the playoffs for the second time in three seasons. However, unlike last year the Phillies bullpen is a complete mess. One key factor to their 2008 run was Brad Lidge who was perfect, this year he is anything but blowing 11 saves, with an ERA in the stratosphere. The Phillies will also be without Jamie Moyer and J.C. Romero meaning close games could cause a run on Rolaids in Philly. If they are to repeat they will need their starters to go deep, and that means Cliff Lee and reigning postseason MVP Cole Hamels will be the keys. With these two pitchers potential each pitching twice, the Phils will find a way to win the series in five games.

Predictions Made 10/6/09 at 10:55 pm EST