2010 World Series

Giants in 7

The only one assured of winning is Bengie Molina who will collect a ring no matter who wins the World Series. Of course those who watch the World Series will also be winners, because this one has classic written all over it. For fans of the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers they know nothing but suffering as their trophy case is bare, with neither having won a World Series. The Giants did win a few in New York, but that was a long time ago in a stadium far, far away.

When comparing the teams Line Ups the Rangers have a tremendous advantage, with Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, Nelson Cruz, and Vladimir Guerrero. The Giants will not be able to slug with the Rangers, as they need to scratch out runs and take advantage of every rally to just put across a few runs. However, when the pitching is top notch as it is in the Fall Classic, it may the Giants who are best suited for success. Sluggers can be streaky and against the Giants pitching the Rangers will not be able to put up big numbers, like they did against the Yankees.

Pitching is the key and pitching will decide this series. The marquee match up is Cliff Lee against Tim Lincecum, this should be every bit as good as Lincecum-Halladay. In the NLCS, Lincecum out pitched Halladay and the Giants won. This time he may not need to out pitch Lee, as the rest of the rotation gives the Giants a considerable edge with Matt Cain and Jonathan Sanchez opposing C.J. Wilson and Colby Lewis. If the Rangers are going to win Cliff Lee must continue to dominate. At 7-0 he is already building an awe inspiring postseason resume, if he is to lead the Rangers to a championship he will reach legendary status. However, all streaks must end and facing the nitty gritty Tim Lincecum twice continuing his winning streak will be tough. The Bullpen edge also goes to the Giants with Brian Wilson and his epic beard being more reliable than Neftali Feliz who has yet to been truly tested with the Rangers winning most of their games by a blowout.

It should be close and this series can go either way, but I also give the Giants the edge in Managers as Bruce Bochy has long been able to get the best out of what he has around him, add the fact the Giants will host Game 7 and that’s how the series will break down. The last time a road team won Game 7 on the road in the World Series was 1979, since than the home team is 8-0. With those odds I like the Giants to have the fans cheering at AT&T Park, when it is all said and done, with a crazy ending for the team called torture. Perhaps it will be an improbable walk off inside the park home run by Pablo Sandoval that will decide such an improbable match up. My choice for World Series MVP is Mr. Wilson complete with his demon beard.

Predictions Made 10/26/10 at 11:25 pm ET