NBA: Kevin Durant Returns to Top-level

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The coronavirus pandemic, which has been raging on the planet for more than a year, has markedly changed everything in our world. We have learned how to use and develop technology, we have learned the beauty of live communication. But now more than ever, we want to be active, we want to practice and watch sports, cheer for our favorite teams. We want to bet, for example in, to return joy, excitement, and inspiration. So, it is good that despite the lull, there are many events in the world of sports, one of which will be described in this article.


Injured throughout the 2020 season, the Nets have found a star (probably) capable of taking them to the top of the league, in the person of Kevin Durant. Indeed, the latter, MVP of the NBA finals twice, is a major asset for a team that is in the race for the playoffs. He showed it tonight with a 36-point double-double and 11 rebounds despite his team’s 116-129 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.


It’s a Kevin Durant on fire on the floor at the start of the regular season. After a blank 2020 season with the Nets, the former Warriors player has shown that he has lost none of his basketball. As proof, a couple of days ago the 32-year-old winger showed his best performance of the season (season-high) with 36 points scored and a percentage of 52% in the shootout. With that, the two-time NBA champion with Golden State captured 11 rebounds to sign his third double-double of the season. His previous season-high was 33 points against the Hawks on December 31. 

Average Start of the Season for the Nets

Contrary to its two stars, Irving and Durant, the Nets do not show a very beautiful face at the beginning of the season. Indeed, after 11 games played, they are in tenth place in the Eastern Conference with a very slight record of 5 wins for 6 defeats. These results certainly show a strong dependence on their leaders. Indeed, out of the 11 matches of their team, the two stars have already missed 4 each, which may explain a loss of performance when they are absent. Without the two stars, the franchise clearly lacks backup leadership, which could penalize the franchise in case of injury to one of the two Brooklyn masters.


However, the season is still long. The Nets still have 61 games left to play and the level of the franchise is probably much higher than last season. The two former NBA champions, KD and Irving, seem to be up in arms about making up for the year 2020 which went pretty badly for both players.