New York basketball rising again from the ashes thanks to the Nets

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For many reasons, the Knicks and Maddison Square Garden have been the golden egg of the New York sports scene despite their tumble in recent years, well, not anymore, as the Brooklyn Nets are poised to make their rise as the name and pride of every New Yorker worth their salt in basketball and sports in general.


The New York Knicks were tipped to acquire superstars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, they had cleared out their roster, and were even laughing off the pain of missing out on Zion Williamson in the NBA draft until the fat lady sang and then two friends swerved to Brooklyn instead and signed for the Nets. Even without Durant who was rehabilitating an Achilles tear, and a limited Kyrie Irving due to injury, the Nets held their own and showed why they should already be feared going into the new NBA season. Bringing in an all-time great like Steve Nash as head coach now seems like an afterthought as another blockbuster rumour swirls around the team, as Rockets superstar guard, James Harden is now linked to the team. While the most trusted online bookmakers cast their lots on how probable the trade is, fans can only wonder what that will mean for the NBA season and league in general.


The Houston Rockets had an underwhelming season, taking the ultimate gamble to go small by letting go of Clint Capela. The team showed a lot of promise and excitement as the season boiled down to the playoffs but ultimately underachieved, as the Lakers rubbished their title hopes and the effectiveness of their small-ball setup. Daryl Morey sent everything except for the kitchen sink to acquire star guard and triple-double machine, Russell Westbrook, from Oklahoma City. Westbrook, who is great friends with Houston poster manĀ  James Harden, was supposed to be the perfect partner, but all did not go as planned and an implosion followed after the team crashed from the bubble and Daryl Morey left for Philly.


James Harden now also wants out per reports and has his sights set on the Brooklyn Nets, where he could potentially pair up with former teammate, Durant. With the Nets already touted as frontrunners for the Eastern Conference, a trade of this magnitude would probably put them in the front seat of all championship predictions. What they might lose in the event of such a move is another matter to consider, as they would have to give up every other player with any potential outside of Irving and Durant. This would create a very imbalance team that will demand more minutes from a Durant returning from injury, an injury-prone Irving, and a Harden who does not always shine brightest on the biggest stage.


Whatever the case and outcome, the buzz around the Nets will not die anytime soon, and the Knicks will just have to live with that more than most of us.