NFL 2022: the teams to watch

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No sooner had the dust settled on February’s Super Bowl LVI match involving the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals and traders at the leading betting apps including mybookie were looking forward to the 2022 National Football League campaign. The Rams edged the Bengals by 23 points to 20 in what was a thrilling encounter and fans of the victors hope their side can kick on from here. 

They want to see the Rams shoot for two in a row, building on that success. The Bengals may have suffered a painful defeat at the SoFi Stadium but they are capable of bouncing back and going one better next year. There’s lots for football fans to get excited about.

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The hard work starts here

There’s now much work to be done in pre-season. Players will enjoy a well-earned rest while officials shake off the burden of being in the firing line every week. Coaches, managers and directors at the various NFL teams now begin to plan for next season. They will set out a budget, organise the contracts of their players and evaluate how the team performed during the 2021/22 season. Managers will then pinpoint any areas of their team they would like to improve before writing up a wishlist for the draft.

The off-season is also a time for fans to enjoy a bit of a break. They can choose to follow another sport until football returns in September or they can get in early and look ahead to next season. Many fans love to spend the spring and summer months drawing up their predictions, separating the contenders from the also-rans then making bets on the teams and players they expect to enjoy success.

Traders working at the most popular betting websites and sportsbook apps do their bit by creating betting odds on various outright markets. The earlier you make your predictions and place your bets, the better the odds offered by bookies. You can select the team you expect to win the Super Bowl in 2023 or gamble on the season, including conferences, divisions, and to make the playoffs. There’s plenty for football fans to get stuck into and if you bet smart you could land a profit. 

The NFL season is exciting but you can ramp up your interest levels by placing a bet. You will then have two reasons to cheer if your picks prove to be shrewd. One for your team’s victory and the second cheer for the profits that will be added to your online betting account wallet. Enjoying football live on television while cheering on your bets, that’s a great set-up.

Traders have their say

There will be more bets placed on the upcoming NFL season than we have seen in the past. There are a number of reasons for that rise in wagers. The NFL is extremely popular in the United States and Canada but the competition also attracts a global audience with fans in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and further afield. If betting is legal in a country you can be sure there will be a fair share of wagers placed on the outcome of the NFL season and the games.

Who will win the Super Bowl next year? That’s anyone’s guess at this stage and predictions will change following the draft and transfers during the summer months but we can get an idea of what to expect from the year ahead by looking at the predictions of bookies. Traders at the top betting apps don’t always get it right, of course, but they aren’t often wide of the mark and if they support a time in the pre-season Super Bowl betting, you can be confident they have a chance of challenging for the prize.

The team all major betting apps are supporting, pinning them to the head of their outright betting market is the Buffalo Bills who were impressive last season. The Bills sit ahead of second favourites Kansas City Chiefs with Los Angeles Rams completing the top three. Looking for an outsider with decent odds attached and a chance of winning the Super Bowl? Bookies have the Green Bay Packers picked out as a dark horse worth keeping an eye on.