NFL Season Highlights

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The NFL season is well underway and the 5th Sunday of the 2021 season did not disappoint. Below, you will find a few of the best highlights so far. We’ll be looking at how some of the best NFL teams fared against each other. We’ll also be looking at how some individual players made many a gambler happy and many a team sad.


The LA Chargers Vs The Cleveland Browns

The LA Chargers handed the ball off rather than taking a knee. In the last remaining seconds, they were determined to save a little bit of time so they could opt for a game-winning drive. The Cleveland Browns managed to come up short with the score reaching 47-42. Thought to be one of the best games of the season so far, it’s exciting to see what will happen next.


The Dallas Cowboys Vs The New York Giants

The much-awaited Cowboys Vs Giants game took place, with Kadarius Toney being drafted. It looked as though Toney was really asserting himself. With 160 yards on 8 catches, he seems to be a force to be reckoned with.

Anyone who was interested in betting NFL props is likely to have had a surprise. But this is what the NFL does best – bring us all of these astonishing games which make the stakes higher. Placing a bet on any game can have consequences when you’re never assured of the outcome.

This is one of the best aspects of the NFL season, people place bets assuming that they’re going to come up trumps. However, gameplay and the excitement of betting online can change things. After all, if you cannot make it to a game, you may as well make use of what the web has to offer.


Rondale Moore

Rondale Moore of the Arizona Cardinals managed to keep his feet inbound. He’s shown us all that he’s capable of some impressive plays so far. Somehow, he managed to keep both of his feet inbounds on a 26 yard reception. This is one of the things the fans love about Moore, he seems to be capable of so much. Let’s just hope he keeps up the good work.


Justin Fields

Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears threw his very first career touchdown pass. He threw the ball into a pretty tight window, and it was caught by Jesper Horsted, allowing the Bears to score against the Las Vegas Raiders. This probably made all of those online gamblers happy, at least if they had placed a bet on this result.


The future looks bright for Fields, let’s just hope he continues to throw these types of touchdown passes throughout his career.



Mason Crosby


Mason Crosby of the Green Bay Packers already had 27 field goals under his belt before he partook in the latest game against the Cincinnati Bengals. However, his 36 yard attempt missed as it went wide left. Following this anomaly, Crosby also missed the next 2 field goals. This was somewhat of a disappointment for Packers fans as there was  real potential for them to win this game.


The Green Bay Packers were not left completely disappointed, however. Crosby’s 7th try made its way through and gave the Packers their 4th win this season. With any luck, Crosby’s future tries will be more successful.

The Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings’ kicker Greg Joseph hit a winning field goal from 54 yards. The time was just about to run out and Joseph took a chance that paid off. This helped the Vikings avoid losing to the Detroit Lions. Let’s see how far they can continue to go in this season, and the next. Only time will tell.

The Houston Texans

The Houston Texans looked incredible, thanks to Davis Mills. He threw what could only be described as a perfectly executed 3rd touchdown. That’s the 3rd touchdown of the game. This was no doubt very impressive, however, it did not help them to win against the Los Angeles Rams. In any case, a perfectly executed touchdown is often a rare occurrence. Top marks to Davis Mills for doing what he does best.


The NFL is full of excitement, and so it should be. The participants, the fans, and the gamblers do not know what to expect. There is a real chance that things could turn out really well for those who are in the final. Those who are unable to make the final will just have to wait for next season. Meanwhile, many fans cannot wait to see what happens next.