4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 9-7 .563
Season Total: 9-7 .563



Jets 20 Patriots 17

Game of the Week: Last year the Jets almost beat the Patriots twice blowing a late lead at home in November. Coming off a Monday Night High the Pats are due for a let down.


Dolphins 31 Colts 17

Over the last 2 seasons the Dolphins have slaughtered the Colts 5 times. On Sunday the Colts will get a reminder why they are glad to be out of the AFC East.


Chiefs 21 Jaguars 17

The Chiefs are always tough to beat at Arrowhead Stadium, beating the rebuilding Jags in their home opener should be easy.


Packers 27 Saints 17

The Saints defensive backs will learn the difference between playing a hack like Brad Johnson and a star like Brett Favre as the Pack win going away.


Bears 23 Falcons 21

For the second week in a row Falcons QB Michael Vick’s heroics go in vain as the Bears come from behind to win the game on a late FG.


Buccaneers 9 Ravens 3

Scoring 7 points against a poor defense like the Panthers spells bad news for Ravens QB Chris Redman. Not even the spirit of Johnny Unitas could help the Ravens this week, as the possibility of a shutout is high.


Panthers 17 Lions 13

Stinker of the Week: Last year these 2 teams won a combined 3 games. The Panthers stay hot as teh Lions pathetic defense rolls over again.


Browns 24 Bengals 21

The battle of Ohio never seemed so big after the entire AFC North lost last week the winner of this game will at least share the division lead.


Titans 20 Cowboys 6

It becomes more and more apparent every week that Cowboys QB Quincy Carter is a terrible QB. They could not score more then 10 points against an expansion team, they wont do much better against Houston’s old team.


Seahawks 28 Cardinals 17

The Opening of Seahawks Stadium combined with the return of QB Trent Dilfer will be too much for the Cardinals to overcome.


Bills 27 Vikings 24

Upset of the Week: The Vikings defense won’t be able to stop Bills QB Drew Bledsoe, in a game will be the only shocker in a week without Upsets.


49ers 20 Broncos 10

The inconstancy of Broncos QB Brian Griese continues as he has trouble holding on to the ball all day against the 49ers young hungry defense.


Chargers 27 Texans 17

The Texans will lose they will lose, they will never lead in the game, but the Chargers will not win by 2 Touchdowns.


Rams 24 Giants 16

The Rams appear to be in a bit of a funk, going winless through preseason, and losing Game 1. They will win this week but not by 2 Touchdowns.


Steelers 20 Raiders 13

After stinking it up on Monday Night, the Steelers will be bound and determined to play their best Sunday.


Eagles 24 Redskins 20

Game of the Week: It will be hard to imagine the Eagles falling to 0-2, as Donovan McNabb shines on Monday Night humbling Redskins coach Steve Spurrier.