4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 11-5 .688
Season Total: 108-116 .482



Buccaneers 24 Falcons 10

Last year at full speed Falcon QB Michael Vick was pummeled twice by the Buccaneers. True the Bucs are not the same team they were last year, but neither is Vick, look for the defending Champs to win, so if they get a little help they’ll have a chance to stay alive for the week.


Chiefs 34 Vikings 30

Look for both teams to light up the scoreboard as neither defense will be able to stop the opposing offense. In the end look for the Chiefs to pull it out as they simply have more weapons.


Jets 20 Patriots 17

Upset of the Week: The Patriots always seem to struggle in the Meadowlands while the Jets always manage to steal one game away from the Pats. Look for the Jets to win outright, as the Patriots with an 11-game winning streak are due for a loss.


Ravens 28 Browns 17

When these two teams met in Week 2, Ravens RB Jamal Lewis set a NFL single game record for yards rushing, as he had predicted just days earlier. Though Lewis will not nearly have as good as day the Browns still will have trouble holding him under 200 yards as the Ravens win in Cleveland.


Rams 24 Bengals 20

Even though the Rams have won 11 of their last 12 games a majority of their wins have been close. This week it wont be any different as they will have to hold off the Bengals in the final minutes to extend their winning streak.


Panthers 24 Lions 10

For Lions GM Matt Millen it looks like the end of the road after a slur directed at Chiefs WR Johnnie Morton created a hailstorm of criticism. The slur is not getting Millen fired the fact that the Lions have won just 9 games in 3 years as they go for a record 24th straight road loss has.


Dolphins 24 Bills 16

The Dolphins have pulled another December disappearing act and to make the playoffs they need to win their last 2 at get allot of help. The Bill offense has also vanished and should provide an excellent cure for the Dolphins December blues.


Jaguars 20 Saints 13

The Jaguars have played real strong football as of late as QB Byron Leftwich gets more comfortable under center, while the Saints have dealt with a week of controversy surrounding Joe Horn’s endzone phone call. Look for the Jaguars defense to hang up on the Saints slim playoff hopes.


Cowboys 34 Giants 7

The Giants must love the number 7 as Coach Jim Fassel has already been fired after this his 7th season, while the Giants have scored exactly 7 points in their last 3 games. The number 7 will pop up again as the Giants stay stuck on 7 as they drop their 7th straight.


Titans 24 Texans 6

With QB Steve McNair still aching and back up Billy Volek out for the rest of the season the Titans are going to need their defense to step it up. Fortunately they are playing the Texans who are also experiencing injuries to key offensive players


Bears 24 Redskins 13

Stinker of the Week: Both teams are out of the race for the playoffs, but it’s a tale of two teams going in opposite directions. The Bears look to be interested in ending the season on a strong note while the Redskins just want to go on vacation.


Steelers 27 Chargers 24

The Chargers have been pesky as of late while the Steelers have been inconsistent all season. This game could be close and it could go either way, but in the end the home crowd in Pittsburgh will help the Steelers get a 3-point win.


Seahwaks 41 Cardinals 13

The Cardinals have been ripped to shreds on the road all season losing each road game by at least 13 points. Going into Seattle and facing a desperate Seahawks team that trend will continue.


Eagles 30 49ers 10

The 49ers have been strong at home and horrible on the road, going into Philadelphia against a smoking Eagles team that trend will easily continue as the 49ers finish the road portion of the schedule with a winless 0-8 record.


Colts 38 Broncos 24

Game of the Week: On the road and playing with a banged up Clinton Portis the Broncos are going to have a tough time beating the Colts, who with a win will lock up the AFC South. Look for Colts QB Peyton Manning to have a big day as the Colts have another strong primetime performance.


Raiders 27 Packers 24

The Raiders have been tough at home all season while the Packers have been prone to losing to bad teams on the road. With a chance to possibly go into first place for the first time all season the Packers have another let down on Monday Night.