4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 11-3 .786
Season Total: 49-25 .662



Chargers 24 Falcons 20

The Falcons are 4-1 despite a poor season from Michael Vick so far, while the Chargers at 3-2 are just hitting their stride. Look for Ladanlian Tomlinson to have a big day as Vick again struggles as the Chargers pull of the upset.


Bills 13 Dolphins 0

The last two winless teams meet in a match up of inept offenses. The Dolphins offense looks like they can’t score against a Pop Warner team, while the Bills have not been much better. However this week they find a way to score on defense, as the endzone remains uncharted waters for Miami.


Redskins 20 Bears 10

Both these teams are struggling on offense, as the Redskins at 1-4 have been a tremendous disappointment. Look for the Skins to have their best game of the season against a Bears team struggling to replace injured Rex Grossman at QB.


Bengals 24 Browns 21

The Bengals have struggled so far as Carson Palmer gets used to the NFL style of play. A week off should aid in his growth and they should be able to come out strong in an upset win over the Browns.


Lions 38 Packers 24

The Lions and Packers are reversing roles the Lions are contenders and the Packers are in for a long season look for Joey Harrington to be the latest QB to shred the Packers pathetic defense as another solid game by Brett Favre is wasted.


Chiefs 24 Jaguars 14

The Chiefs after an 0-3 start final broke in the win column heading into their bye week, well rested the Chiefs are now set to go on a winning streak as they easily beat the Jaguars.


Patriots 27 Seahawks 17

The Patriots just find a win every week and they will again this week as the extend their winning streak to 20 against the Seahawks whose weaknesses were exposed in their 4th Quarter Collapse against the Rams.


Jets 24 49ers 13

The Jets are 4-0 and flying high against the 49ers they should be able to cruise as Chad Pennington has a big game against the 49ers mediocre defense made worse by a rash of injuries.


Eagles 27 Panthers 13

The Eagles offense has been so good this year they scored last week even though they were off. This week against the injury riddled Panthers they will be thirsting for revenge from the NFC Championship Game and will win easily.


Titans 31 Texans 20

After scoring 48 points Monday it appears as if the Titans offense is back on track look for their momentum continue as they score 31 in a solid win over the Texans.


Cowboys 24 Steelers 20

The Steelers have played well as Rookie QB Ben Rothlisberger has won his first 3 starts. However eventually even the best rookie struggles and this week against a Bill Parcells defense he3 struggles as the Cowboys beat their old rivals. s


Raiders 24 Broncos 21

No matter how bad the Raiders are they always seem to beat the Broncos at home, it happens again this week as the Broncos who have not played as good as their 4-1 record suggest are upended.


Vikings 38 Saints 20

Daunte Culpepper to Randy Moss have been a spicy combination all season, as defensive backs just can’t
keep up. Look for them to have another big game against the struggling Saints.


Rams 19 Buccaneers 16

The Bucs offense has been missing in action, with the exception of their 4th Quarter comeback so have the Rams at several points this year. Look for this one to be close through out as it comes down to a Field Goal in the final minutes.