2006 4-Caster Frank's NFL Picks

Last Week: 2-2 .500
Grand Total: 131-133 .496
Regular Season Total: 126-130 .492

Conference Championships



Saints 24 Bears 20

The Bears defense is not as strong as it was early in the season, as key players like Tommy Harris have gone down to injury. Last week they need overtime to escape what would have been a devastating loss to the Seahawks. Now just one step form the Super Bowl they will meet their end as they play a Saints team that has become a feel good story as they have risen from the ruin of a 3-13 season to their first ever NFC Championship Game. Saints RB Deuce McAllister is playing at the top of the game while QB Drew Brees continues to play strong a steady. The same can’t be said for Bears QB Rex Grossman who has Bears fans closing their eyes every time he goes back to pass. Look for gasp groans and moans as Grossman commits a backbreaking interception in the final quarter as the Saints go marching into Super Bowl XLI.


Colts 27 Patriots 10

The Colts who entered the playoffs with a much maligned defense that was called soft, and weak as they allowed more rushing yards then any other team in the regular season has suddenly emerged as a real force shutting down the Chiefs and the Ravens in their first two games allowing a total of 14 points, shutting down two pretty good runners in the process. While on the other side of the ball the Colts high powered offense has struggled as Peyton Manning has thrown 5 interceptions, and last week the Colts could not score TD, relying on 5 Adam Vinateiri Field Goals instead. The Patriots are here thanks to the Chargers who gifted wrapped last week’s game with a silver bow. This week the luck ends for the Patriots as they are exposed as the frauds they are as Peyton Manning has a huge game and the Colts defense continues to play strong allowing the Colts to gallop all the way to Miami.